What is sweetcare on Sweetwater?

Sweetwaters SweetCare is your source for valuable information about the gear you own or are planning to own. Its totally free, and its a Sweetwater exclusive! 28,000+ Answers to your technical questions.

What do you like most about sweetcare?

I love how fast and responsive sweetcare are. My deliveries are always on time and their customer service team is very helpful. On top of all that, the prices are fantastic! Reasonable price, fast shipping.

How many users does sweetcare have?

Over 250,000 users all over the world and also at United States, trust SweetCare! This website is first time I buy in 2022 is my three order and i feel very happy for the excellent service and delivery service!!

How can Sweetwater tech support help?

Sweetwater Tech Support can quickly and effectively help you using free remote-control software called TeamViewer. Our expert team can view and control your system to troubleshoot and get you back up and running as soon as possible with your permission.

What is Sweetwater’s data security and liability policy?

Data security is your sole responsibility. Liability is restricted to intentional and gross negligence. Sweetwater is not liable for faults that we’re not responsible for, even if it occurs at the time when the support is provided. TeamViewer sessions are meant for remote support, not remote training.

How much does Sweetwater Pro Tools cost?

Its totally free, and its a Sweetwater exclusive! 28,000+ Answers to your technical questions. Mac/PC Optimization Guides. A dedicated resource center for Pro Tools users.

Is sweetcare a good website to order from?

Easy to order from and quick delivery… Easy to order from and quick delivery to the UK. They have also been very quick to respond to any queries relating to orders. This is the best website i’ve ever used. Fast packaging Fast delivery and i dont know why they can respond with my email so quickly. I love the way Sweetcare work right now.

How do I track the delivery of my sweetcare order?

As soon as we dispatch your order, you will receive by email the tracking number that will allow you to track the delivery status. All shipments are covered by loss insurance. In case your order is lost, SweetCare refunds the entire order or makes a second shipment at no additional cost.

What is sweetcare’s policy on refunds?

If the value is not accepted, or we do not get a response in a timely manner (in 3 working days), SweetCare reserves the right not to assume the collection of the order, choose to abandon the order by the carrier (destruction of the same) and, consequently non-refund of any amount to the customer.

Is sweetcare able to interfere with bank fees?

Regarding the bank fees, unfortunately, SweetCare is not able to interfere with those. Thank you! A comprehensive site for all needs, easy shopping, permanent offers, high quality and excellent customer service Hello Amal, our costumer support team thanks you very much for your kind complement!

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