Lacoste tenis

lacoste tenis

Why Lacoste men’s tennis?

For athletic or professional sportswear, the Lacoste men’s tennis collection takes care of your appearance so you can focus on your game.

What is the history of Lacoste?

In 1933, Lacoste founded La Société Chemise Lacoste with André Gillier. The company produced the tennis shirt, also known as a polo shirt, which Lacoste often wore when he was playing; this had a crocodile (often thought to be an alligator) embroidered on the chest. In 1963, Lacostes son Bernard took over the management of the company.

What is the Lacoste l001?

With one foot in tradition and the other in modernity, the L001 is dressed in timeless details from the Lacoste archives. A style that comes in eight original colors. Which one is yours?

What is Jean Jean Lacoste famous for?

Jean René Lacoste (French pronunciation: ​ ; 2 July 1904 – 12 October 1996) was a French tennis player and businessman. He was nicknamed the Crocodile because of how he dealt with his opponents; he is also known worldwide as the creator of the Lacoste tennis shirt, which he introduced in 1929.

Is Lacoste a good brand for tennis?

With such a history of creativity and ingenuity backing up the label, it is no surprise that the Lacoste company continues to make artistic and performance tennis gear of impeccable quality. A young Lacoste in the tennis garb of the time.

What did Rene Lacoste invent?

Rene Lacoste was ranked no.1 in the world in 1926 and won a total of 10 Grand Slam titles as well as several other tournaments. Lacoste was not just a great fashion mind, he invented the first tennis ball machine as well as the first racquet dampener and steel tennis racquet!

Why do people wear Lacoste?

When I asked people why they wear Lacoste, they usually cite its quality saying that buy purchasing a more expensive Lacoste polo, they actually save money by not buying as many lower cost shirts. “My no-name polo from 10 years ago is still good.”

What kind of fabric is Lacoste sport made of?

This solid Lacoste Sport polo is made of cotton blend Ottoman with an ultra-soft textu... Soft, comfortable fleece makes these sweat pants a wardrobe essential, whether you are... Crafted in cotton blend fleece, this solid classic sweatshirt features a kangaroo pock... A sportswear basic, this solid new zip sweatshirt is crafted in cotton fleece.

What is the new Lacoste l001 sneaker?

Toying around with its deep-rooted tennis DNA, Lacoste has reimagined the L001 with the codes of the now. The sneaker drop features three hero colourways along with various combinations. The sneaker’s design takes inspiration from the archives of founding father Rene Lacoste.

Who is the founder of Lacoste?

Founded in 1933 by legendary French tennis star René Lacoste, ‘La Chemise Lacoste’ – known to most simply as Lacoste – have a history that runs deeper than the clay courts of Paris. Pioneers of the pique polo, Lacoste are sartorial trailblazers, defining the preppy wardrobe as we know it today.

How do I return a Lacoste product?

Contact us Monday through Friday from 9 am to 11 pm EST, and Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 9 pm EST. To return a product, please register your return on your “Shipment Confirmation” email or by logging in to your account.

What is the A$AP Nast l001?

Worn by A$AP Nast, a major player on the streetwear scene and member of the hip-hop collective A$AP Mob, the L001 is designed for creative spirits who honour the heritage of the past to create their future. With one foot in tradition and the other in modernity, the L001 is dressed in timeless details from the Lacoste archives.

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