Douro river cruise

douro river cruise

Where to cruise Portugals Douro River?

For those who love being at sea on the river, theres plenty of time spent cruising. Porto: After Lisbon, Porto is Portugals largest city and serves as a port of embarkation and/or port debarkation for Douro cruises.

How many days do you need for a Douro river cruise?

From Porto to Lisbon, uncover the secrets of the Douro on a 7 night luxury river cruise visiting Salamanca, Pinhão & Régua followed by 3 nights in Lisbon. Begin your 13 day adventure in Madrid and soak up the culture before travelling to Porto to begin your river cruise through the picturesque Douro Valley.

How different is the Douro River today?

How different the Douro river is today, tamed by a series of locks that will make your river cruise vacation such a calm, serene experience. Yet the age-old banks of the Douro remain as enchanting as ever, covered as they are with peaceful terraces where olives, almonds, and grapes are cultivated much as they always have been.

Why book a Douro river cruise with Emerald cruises?

As part of your Emerald Cruises river cruise along the Douro, you’ll be able to make the most out of exclusive opportunities to learn more about the local produce and find your inner sommelier. A tour of the Douro Museum is a must-do for wine lovers on board the Emerald Radiance during a Secrets of the Douro river cruise.

Where is the Douro River?

For cruise travelers, the Douro stretches from the Atlantic Ocean and the port city of Porto, all the way east and south to Spains Vega de Terron (essentially a docking station where passengers head to the gorgeous golden city of Salamanca). Porto, Portugals second-largest city, has some 2,000 years of history behind it.

Where are the best cruise ports on the Douro?

Favorite ports on the Douro River include the thriving city of Porto, Ferradosa, and Pinhao in the wine region, and Régua-where one of Portugal’s finest 18th-century palaces brings the history of the region into clear focus. European Cruise: When to Go? Europe is an incredible destination all year long.

Where to go on a cruise around Portugal?

Get to know the history, culture and traditions of Portugal and Spain, on this 8-day voyage sailing along the Douro River on the MS Vasco de Gama. From Porto, cruise east toward Salamanca, making stops in Braga, Regua, Vila Réal, Vega de teron, Ferradosa, Pinhao and Lamego, which you can tour via coach or on foot.

How long does a Douro river cruise take?

The average Douro River cruise is 8 days, and this is definitely the most popular option. It gives you a chance to see the major highlights of the Douro River and explore the region in a number of engaging ways. However there are several tours that are as short as 6 days and a few that are between 11-14 days.

Where is the Douro river located?

THE DOURO AT-A-GLANCE The third-longest river on the Iberian Peninsula, the Douro (whose name many believe is derived from the Portuguese for “golden”) flows westward from its origins in north-central Spain, forms part of the border between Spain and Portugal, then cuts across northern Portugal all the way to the Atlantic coast, where it empties...

How will the Douro River’s water level affect my cruise?

The beauty of the Douro River Valley. Photo © 2015 Aaron Saunders While it isn’t discussed as often as water levels on the Danube and the Rhine, high and low water levels can affect your river cruise along Portugal’s Douro River – though it’s admittedly not quite as susceptible to these events as other European waterways.

What is the Rio Douro known for?

(CNN) — Rio Douro roughly translates from Portuguese as river of gold. When the setting sun catches it right, you can see why. The waters gleam like liquid bullion bars. The Douro cuts across northern Portugal, snaking 200 miles from rugged wilderness on the Spanish frontier to the old city of Oporto and the Atlantic beyond.

How many miles long is the Douro Valley?

Stretching over 600 km (373 miles), the Douro Valley is a large historic and cultural region of Portugal, long devoted to vineyards and the production of some of the world’s best wine. How do you get to the Douro Valley?

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