Igreja de nossa senhora da conceição

igreja de nossa senhora da conceição

Where is Nossa Senhora da Conceição located?

/  38.7088528°N 9.1342083°W  / 38.7088528; -9.1342083 The Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição (Portuguese: Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Conceição Velha) is a church in the civil parish of Madalena, in the municipality of Lisbon .

Who is the patron saint of Conceição Velha?

The nuns of the Order of Christ, transferred to the new church following its reconstruction, bringing with them the patron saint, Nossa Senhora da Conceição and its denomination of Conceição Velha. At the end of the 18th century, the stone group of the tympanum was encased in glass and illuminated.

What happened to the Church of Conceição dos Freires in Lisbon?

The Church of Conceição dos Freires, or Conceição Velha, (known as the Church of the Misericórdia) was not included in the original plans to reconstruct the Lisbon riverfront, even though it was partially ruined.

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