What is anonymous?

Anonymous is the first internet-based super-consciousness. Anonymous is a group, in the sense that a flock of birds is a group. How do you know they’re a group?

What is the origin of anonymous functions?

Anonymous functions originate in the work of Alonzo Church in his invention of the lambda calculus in 1936, before electronic computers, in which all functions are anonymous. In several programming languages, anonymous functions are introduced using the keyword lambda, and anonymous functions are often referred to as lambdas or lambda abstractions.

What are anonymous functions in C++?

Anonymous functions are often: arguments being passed to higher-order functions, or used for constructing the result of a higher-order function that needs to return a function. If the function is only used once, or a limited number of times, an anonymous function may be syntactically lighter than using a named function.

Is everyone from elementary related to anonymous?

In the TV series Elementary a hacktivist collective called Everyone plays a recurring role; there are several hints and similarities to Anonymous. ^ Topiary was later revealed to be Jake Davis, a teenager living in the Shetland Islands of Scotland.

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