Zouma cat

zouma cat

What happened to Zouma’s Cats?

Both men looked anxiously at the ground as footage was shown of the West Ham ace kicking and slapping his Bengal cat in his £2million mansion. The court was told both of Zoumas cats were likely to have suffered soft tissue trauma in the sick attack.

What happened to Kurt Zouma?

12 hours ago. From the section West Ham United defender Kurt Zouma has pleaded guilty to kicking and slapping his pet cat in a video that also showed him saying I swear Ill kill it. The 27-year-old admitted two offences under the Animal Welfare Act at a hearing at Thames Magistrates Court.

What does Zouma’s case mean for animal rights in France?

In France, the 30 Million Friends Foundation animal rights group condemned the “heinous act”, with campaigners calling for Zouma to be suspended from the national team, and confirmed that a complaint had been filed against him under the French penal code, which applies to citizens committing offences outside the country.

What has Kurt Zouma done for animal welfare?

Kurt Zouma was forced to apologise and West Ham fined their player in relation to the incident and made donations to nine animal welfare charities in the UK and overseas. Sentencing has been adjourned until 1 June.

What happened to Kurt Zouma’s Cats?

The RSPCA have taken both of Kurt Zoumas cats into care while investigations continue after the West Ham star was filmed kicking and hitting one of them in a video posted to social media.

What happened to Mamadou Zouma?

Adidas has cut ties with Zouma over the video, and West Ham has reportedly fined him $340,000 - the maximum allowable-over the incident. West Ham manager David Moyes, however, chose to start Zouma for the team’s win over Watford on Tuesday.

Who is Kurt Zouma and what is his charity?

PREMIER League star Kurt Zouma, who was filmed drop kicking his cat, is an ambassador for a charity that works with big cats which have been abused.

Could the RSPCA be prosecuted over the Zouma video?

The Sun understands that the RSPCA has received thousands of complaints about the video, which could give the charity leeway to pursue a prosecution. Last night Zouma issued a grovelling apology for the attack and insisted it was an isolated incident.

What will West Ham United do with Zouma after animal rights row?

West Ham United, which condemned the video, acted as the club faced significant backlash over its decision to play Zouma, who is paid £125,000 a week, in the starting lineup for Tuesday’s 1-0 win over Watford. The fine will be donated to animal rights charities and the player could face further sanction.

What is the RSPCA doing about Zoumas behaviour?

Zoumas behaviour was clearly unacceptable and Im sure the RSPCA will thoroughly investigate and update the public in due course. We have seen some people draw comparisons between animal cruelty and discriminatory abuse. Both are wrong and it is not helpful-victims are not in competition with each other.

What has Kurt Zouma been fined for?

“Separate to the RSPCA’s investigation and pending further sanction once the outcome of that process is determined, West Ham United can confirm that Kurt Zouma has been fined the maximum amount possible following his actions in the video that circulated. The player immediately accepted the fine, which will be donated to animal welfare charities.

What happened to Zouma’s Cats?

Zoumas cats have been taken away by the RSPCA after a disturbing video emerged of him hitting, dropping, and kicking his pet across his kitchen floor on Monday.

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