Hotel aquashow

hotel aquashow

Why choose Aquashow Park Hotel?

Room types may vary. Aquashow Park Hotel is a 4 star Hotel ideal if you are looking for vacations between Quarteira and Vilamoura. We are located in a peaceful place, secure and far from the constant agitation of the center.

What to do at Aquashow?

The park, usually open from May to September, and has more than 20 different spaces, many of them are unique on the European continent including attractions such as: Inside the Aquashow water park, you can also enjoy reptile shows (snakes, chameleons, turtles…), Bird of Prey and Macaws shows.

When will the Aquashow Waterpark open?

The opening dates for the Aquashow Waterpark and Theme Park are 1st June-30th September 2022, weather and occupancy dependant. 5km from Vilamoura Marina. Please note: a smart dress code may apply and facilities between restaurants and bars may vary. Reservations may be required and a supplement may be payable dependent on board arrangement.

How many swimming pools does Aquashow park have?

In addition to the numerous pools that the Aquashow Park has, the Hotel is no exception and it has 3 swimming pools, one of which is heated and a Jacuzzi. If on one side you prefer the sea waves, you can enjoy the Pool Wave of Aquashow Park or even have a 5 minutes drive away to be in some of the nearby beaches.

When will the Aquashow water park reopen?

Aquashow Park is now ready for the 2022 bathing season. It reopens on May 2, and if you buy tickets before April 17, you can enjoy an exclusive direct discount online, of 20% of the ticket price. This year, the largest Water Park in Algarve- Portugal, will return to normal operating period.

What is the Aquashow park like?

The Aquashow Park is the best and largest Water Park and Theme Park of Portugal, in Algarve, in Quarteira. We are open from 1st of May to 30th of September from 10.00 a.m., with different closing hours depending on the month. In the Water Park you... more

When will the Algarve’s new water park open?

This space will be open all year round and will be the first indoor water park in the whole of the Iberian Peninsula so the opening is a great win for the Algarve. Construction is ongoing and the expectation is the park will open in the latter part of 2020.

When is the best time of year to visit a water park?

Because you only really want to visit a water park when you are pretty sure the weather is going to be good, the park is only open during the warm summer months from May until September.

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