Spotify wrapped 2021

spotify wrapped 2021

What is Spotify wrapped 2021?

Spotify wrapped is an annual Spotify feature available December 1st - showcasing all of your music taste and stream artist data from the past year. Its located on your Home Screen in the Spotify mobile app. Spotify Wrapped 2021 is a database game created by Spotify to entice consumers to open up a Spotify premium subscription.

What is Spotify wrapped and how do I access it?

How to access YOUR Spotify wrapped! Spotify wrapped 2021 is finally available - its one of the best aspects of the Spotify music streaming service! What exactly is Spotify wrapped? Spotify wrapped is an annual Spotify feature available December 1st - showcasing all of your music taste and stream artist data from the past year.

How does Spotify measure your audio aura?

The Spotify app generates a visual demonstration of your audio aura: Next year if you listen to a different type of artist songs - youll see the aura change! This feature not built based on the top tracks, but by music style. Since many artists such Justin Bieber, Bad Bunny & Taylor Swift release different types of music, results can differ.

What is Spotify’s new audio birth chart?

Back in June, Spotify unveiled Spotify Only You, a new feature that tells you what your Audio Birth Chart is alongside other facts about your streaming habits. Spotify has also launched Spotify Blend for BFF playlists.

Whats new on Spotify in 2021?

Additionally, now available on Spotify is the 2021 Wrapped hub, which features a variety of personalized, data-driven, and editorially curated content. You can find:

Do you need a Spotify account to view 2021 wrapped?

For personal results, you’ll need a Spotify account, but everyone else can view a more generalized version of 2021 Wrapped on Spotify’s website. The website shows the top podcasts and music on the platform over the last year.

What is Spotify wrapped and why is it important?

2021 Spotify Wrapped celebrates the millions of weird and wonderful ways to listen and live in a world that continues to keep us on our toes. Wrapped is our opportunity to reflect on the large role audio played in the lives of our listeners—and how our favorite creators soundtracked the world around us.

What are the new features for 2021 on Apple Music?

This year’s new features include the three songs that would comprise “the movie soundtrack” of your 2021 and the moods and image of your “audio aura” for your year. But what does all that even mean?

Spotify Wrapped is something all Spotify users look forward to. It shows you all your top songs and artists that youve been jamming to throughout the year, along with other fun facts. One of the best parts is that it generates a custom playlist that has all your top songs from the year. But what if you don’t save this playlist?

What is “Spotify wrapped”?

Where can I find my Spotify audio aura?

The easiest way to find your Spotify Audio Aura is to navigate to your 2021 Spotify Wrapped, which you can find in a few places. If youve yet to play your Spotify Wrapped Story, you should see a pop-up upon opening your app, which will take you directly to your video.

What is a 2021 Spotify wrapped audio aura?

For the purposes of our Audio Aura story, we can extend the definition to say that a 2021 Spotify Wrapped Audio Aura is a colorful energy made up of two colors that help our listeners understand the vibe or mood of the music they streamed this year.

What does your aura say about your music taste?

People with an orange aura are rebellious and prefer high-energy, confidence-boosting sounds, while people with yellow auras want their music to keep them focused and motivated. Finally, blue represents emotional people and they typically choose music that expresses their feelings perfectly.

How do I find my Spotify wrapped story?

There are also Spotify Wrapped banners on your home page, which will take you to a dedicated Spotify Wrapped page consisting of a link to your own story, as well as a host of end-of-year playlists. Click on the banner titled See how you listened in 2021, and watch until you see the slide titled Your Audio Aura.

What is my Audio Birth Chart? One part of the Only You experience is the Audio Birth Chart, which is a play on your big three astrological signs. For those who arent astrology fans, its believed that you can tell a lot about a person by their sun, moon, and rising signs — and now Spotify is telling you who your big three artists are.

What do Spotify’s Zodiac Signs mean?

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