Porto tram city tour

porto tram city tour

What is the Porto tram city tour?

The network of electric historical tramcars of STCP, SA - Porto Tram City Tour – constitutes an inescapable ex-libris of Oporto city. Line 22, or Low line, which traverses the emblematic streets of the city centre of Porto in a circular route between Casey and Battle/Guindais.

How is line 18 of the Porto tram?

Line 18 of the Porto tram has the advantage of not being a route so sought after by tourists, so it usually has fewer people. In any case, you should expect to find some people waiting in line at the first stop (Carmo), in Jardim da Cordoaria, right in front of Café Piolho.

Does Porto have a public transport network?

Porto’s tram network once covered most of the city, but sadly it was stripped back during the 60s and 70s, so that today only three lines remain. These three lines are retained in a heritage status, meaning they are maintained for enthusiasts and visitors and are not part of Porto’s public transport network.

When is the best time to take the Porto tram?

Local tip: there are queues of dozens and dozens of people to take the route on line 1 of Porto tram, so I recommend that you go in the morning, as early as possible. Another option that no one thinks about is taking the aft tour, that is, taking the tram at Passeio Alegre, because it usually has a lot less people.

How often do the trams go on and off in Portugal?

During working hours there is a tram departure every 20 minutes on Linha 1 or every 30 minutes on Linha 18 and 22. At each of the tram stops a current timetable is displayed. The Porto trams are operated by Sociedade de Transportes Colectivos do Porto (STCP) and the latest timetables can be seen on their website: www.stcp.pt.

What to do in Porto?

One of the most enjoyable tourist activities of Porto is a ride on one of the historic trams (Eléctrico in Portuguese). These delightful trams date from a by-gone era, when vehicles were built with character.

How is the public transport in Porto?

Porto has a good public transport system. The metro (subway), which was newly built in 2002, has meanwhile grown to 6 lines and offers fast connections in Porto and the surrounding area. The seaside resort Matosinhos (see below) and the airport are also accessible by metro.

What is the Porto Metro?

Flexity Outlook Eurotram train of the Porto Metro at Trindade station. The Porto Metro (Portuguese: Metro do Porto), part of the public transport (mass transit) system of Porto, Portugal, is a light rail network that runs underground in central Porto and above ground into the citys suburbs.

How to get around Porto at night?

The only time youll have to use a bus is for the Serralves Museum or the Foz district. A taxi will be the best choice if you want to check out one of the restaurants or clubs away from the center at night. All of these choices are inexpensive and reliable. Portos state-of-the-art metro opened in 2002 and has expanded over the years.

How to get to the Metro from Porto Airport to Lisbon?

Once you reach the arrivals, pick up your bags and pass through customs’ check, you will easily find signs leading the way to the metro. You normally have to exit the Porto airport, cross the street where you find taxis and transfers and then catch the metro on the other side.

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