Nepal vs india

nepal vs india

What is the difference between Nepal and India?

• Nepal is a mountainous region whereas India has a diverse geography. • Nepal is tiny in comparison to India which is a subcontinent and 7th largest country in the world. • Nepal is a Hindu country whereas India is a secular country. • Nepali Rupee is very weak in comparison to Indian Rupee.

Where can I find the India vs Nepal live score?

The match is a part of the SAFF Championship. India played against Nepal in 2 matches this season. On SofaScore livescore you can find all previous India vs Nepal results sorted by their H2H matches. SofaScore also provides the best way to follow the live score of this game with various sports features.

How did Nepal win over India?

Nepal has won over India a long time ago - by being the only country with an open border with India, posing no threat, and being so closely tied, culturally and socially. Do you think India will open any other border to any other nation?

How much does it cost to travel Nepal and India?

A week in Nepal can cost you about $237 (per person), while a week in India may cost you around $247. These differences become even more noticable if you plan to spend a longer time in the country. 10 days, two weeks, or even one month of travel to Nepal or India can really add to your travel budget.

Can Nepal defeat India in an all out war?

If Nepal and India go to war and there is no external interference, Nepal will be the 30th state of India before we can say MO:MO. There is no way we can defeat India in an all out war. They have more soldiers, better weapons and above all that they have nukes and we dont.

When did Nepal want to join India as a country?

There is no official record that Nepal wanted to join India at time of Indian independence. But it is believed that King Tribhuvan made informal offer to Nehru that Nepal wanted to join India in 1950–51 when the king was living in exile in India and Ranas were the actual ruler of Nepal.

How to win the India-Nepal map War?

To win the map war, India has to do nothing as it already occupies the disputed area. Nepal, on the other hand, has to move the ICJ, UN and other world bodies.

Who won all the wars between India and Pakistan?

Pakistan and India have been in existence as separate entities only for the past 70 years now and India won all the wars fought. India and China had 1 war which was won by China. Nepal is a country whose political system was changed by India just because Nepal wants to keep anti air defense on hills.

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