Joker e harley quinn

joker e harley quinn

Who is the Joker in Harley Quinn?

The Joker is the main antagonist of the first season of the Harley Quinn TV series and a recurring character in the second season. He started out as the scourge of Gotham City s underworld and the archenemy of Batman.

Why is Harley Quinn so famous?

Shes one of DCs most famous characters today, but Harley Quinn was never meant to be such a big deal. The Jokers crazy-in-love sidekick was created on a whim to fill a small role in Jokers Favor , a 1992 episode of Batman: The Animated Series.

Is Harley still obsessed with the Joker?

One Joker even pointed out that Harley was still clearly obsessed with him and offered her a chance to Win Daddys Love in a game of skill. Before they could be interacted with further, several Harley Gremlins arrived and forced them to leave the area, and the Jokers, behind.

What happened to Harley Quinn in Curse of the White Knight?

Jack Napier has reverted to his Joker persona by the beginning of Batman: Curse of The White Knight, though Harley Quinn is still Harleen Quinzel. With her sanity intact, she leaves the resurgent Joker.

Who is Harley Quinn in the comics?

Harley Quinn is a character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. Quinn was created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm as a comic relief henchwoman for the supervillain Joker in Batman: The Animated Series, and debuted in its 22nd episode, Jokers Favor , on September 11, 1992.

Is Harley Quinn in love with Joker?

Harley Quinn was Dr Harleen Quinzel (seriously), a psychiatrist interning at Arkham Asylum who fell in love with the Joker which - professional ethics aside - is not something a sane person is likely to do. The story was adapted for TV in a New Batman Adventures episode, also called Mad Love.

Is the Joker a villain or hero?

The Joker, known as the Red Hood, the Clown Prince of Crime, or Puddin’ (as Harley Quinn called him), is a DC Comics supervillain first appearing in the Batman #1 comic in 1940. He’s an insane criminal mastermind residing in Gotham City, being one of Batman’s prime enemies.

Is Harley Quinn the only one with venom?

Harley Quinn is the only person besides the Joker to concoct Joker Venom, the Jokers signature weapon, and is shown to have reverse-engineered its formula and developed an antitoxin. She also has an indomitable pathological will.

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