Kiev independent

kiev independent

What is the Kyiv independent?

Throughout this war, one of the most prolific voices has been the Kyiv Independent. Through both its website and its Twitter account, it has been posting a nearly endless stream of unconfirmed and often fantastical pro-Ukrainian propaganda along with unverified, and often unattributed tales of the latest Russian atrocities.

Who is the new editor-in-chief of the Kyiv independent?

The team unanimously chose Olga Rudenko, former deputy chief editor at the Kyiv Post, who dedicated 10 years to the brand, to lead the new publication as editor-in-chief. The Kyiv Independent is still in the making.

What happened to the Kyiv Post?

The Kyiv Independent is Ukraine’s English-language media outlet, created by journalists who were fired from the Kyiv Post for defending editorial independence. The Kyiv Post, Ukraine’s global voice, went silent on Nov. 8, 2021, days after celebrating the 26th year of its uninterrupted run.

Does the Kyiv independent promote neo-Nazi war crimes?

One NED-sponsored journalist even fights with the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion and openly advocates for the commission of war crimes. Throughout this war, one of the most prolific voices has been the Kyiv Independent.

Why did Adnan Kivan shut down Kyiv Post?

On Nov. 8, the Kyiv Post’s owner, Adnan Kivan, shut down the paper and fired all its staff after a dispute over editorial independence. #SaveKyivPost.

What is the Kyiv Post?

The Kyiv Post delivers exclusive political, economic and entertainment latest news today from Ukraine. Sign in Go Home Ukraine Business Technology Op-Ed Lifestyle Multimedia Hot topics Tip us off Investigations KP BrandStudio Host your event in the Kyiv Post studio!

Is Ukraine’s ‘Independent’ newspaper the Kyiv Post really independent?

The staff at Ukraine’s English-language newspaper The Kyiv Post announced efforts to relaunch as an “independent” publication Thursday, days after its owner shuttered it amid a dispute over editorial independence.

Who is behind the Kyiv independent?

Finally, November 22 saw the official launch of the new media outlet, The Kyiv Independent, founded by the exiled Kyiv Post reporters and editors. The team also launched a Patreon campaign to solicit crowdfunding support for the new publication.

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