Uefa nations league

uefa nations league

What is the UEFA Nations League?

The concept of the UEFA Nations League would see all 55 of UEFAs member associations national teams divided into a series of groups based upon a ranking formulated using their recent results, where they would be promoted and relegated to other groups according to their results within the group.

What is the difference between League C and Nations League?

The two teams that score more goals on aggregate over the two legs will remain in League C, while the losing teams will be relegated to League D. The UEFA Nations League is linked with the UEFA European Championship qualifying, providing teams another chance to qualify for the UEFA European Championship .

What is another name for the UEFA competition?

This article is about the UEFA competition. For other uses, see Nations League (disambiguation). The UEFA Nations League is a biennial international football competition contested by the senior mens national teams of the member associations of UEFA, the sports European governing body.

When do League a teams qualify for the Nations League finals?

The four group winners of the top-ranked League A qualify for the UEFA Nations League Finals in June 2021. For the remaining sides, there is promotion and relegation to play for.

How many teams are in a UEFA Nations League?

In each league, four groups were formed (with three or four teams) and teams played each other both home and away. After the completion of the first season, UEFA decided to adjust the format of the Nations League starting from the 2020–21 season.

How does the UEFA Nations League work?

In the top league, League A, the winners of the four groups go on to play in the Nations League Finals, with two semi-finals, one third and fourth place decider, and one final to decide which team becomes the UEFA Nations League champion. Teams can also be promoted and relegated to a higher or lower league.

Will there be a UEFA Nations League 2020?

Official website. 2020–21 UEFA Nations League. The UEFA Nations League is a biennial international football competition contested by the senior mens national teams of the member associations of UEFA, the sports European governing body. The first tournament began in September 2018, following the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

How important is the Nations League?

The Nations League, however, is a lesser competition, comparatively speaking. Although it is very new (the first iteration only kicked off this week) and UEFA presumably hope it will develop into a more important competition, it currently is seen as far less important than the FIFA World Cup, or even the UEFA European Championships.

What is the UEFA European Football Championship?

The UEFA European Football Championship, less formally the European Championship and informally the Euros, is the primary association football tournament organized by the Union of European Football Associations ( UEFA ). The competition is contested by UEFA members’ senior mens national teams, determining the continental champion of Europe.

What is the role of UEFA in football?

UEFA represents the national football associations of Europe, runs nation and club competitions including the UEFA European Championship, UEFA Nations League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Europa Conference League, and UEFA Super Cup, and controls the prize money, regulations, and media rights to those competitions.

What are the new UEFA club competition rules?

• All club competition finals will be played in the same week: Wednesday (new competition), Thursday (UEFA Europa League) and Saturday (UEFA Champions League). The new third competition will ensure that at least 34 countries will be represented in the group stages of the UEFA club competitions (today, the minimum guaranteed number is 26).

Are there any European national teams that are not affiliated with UEFA?

There are several national teams within Europe that are not members of UEFA. Many of them are instead affiliated with CONIFA . There are two independent European states that have national teams that are not affiliated with UEFA or FIFA. All are microstates .

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