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Why work at Galp?

A career at Galp can tell several stories. Hear some of them as told by our employees themselves. We keep a close relationship with the academic world and invest in young talent. The Trainees Programme seeks to recruit the recent college graduates with greatest drive and integrate them into our team, creating sustained and lasting connections.

How much is the investment of Galp in 2021?

The investment is approximately 8 billion USD. Annual Integrated Report 2020 Galp published on 22 March 2021 its Integrated Report 2020.

How did Galp enter the Brazilian renewables business?

Galp enters the Brazilian renewables business with the acquisition of 594 MWp solar capacity Galp agreed to acquire and develop solar projects in Brazil with a combined capacity of 594 MWp, moving forward with its renewable expansion ambitions and taking an important leap in its drive to reshape its portfolio and lower its carbon footprint.

What does industrial and energy management do Galp?

Industrial & Energy Management Galp’s Industrial & Energy Management unit incorporates the Refining, Logistics and Cogeneration businesses in the Industrial segment, while Energy Management comprises the supply & trading activities of oil, gas and electricity.

Why choose discover Galp?

Discover Galp’s journey. By your side, we know how to keep up with a rapidly changing world. Our actions are always based on the commitment we have with you and with the future: to ensure that your daily life doesnt stop, in a sustainable way. Because our success is written by many.

How can I conclude my training at Galp?

If you are still studying, you can conclude your training at Galp with a curricular internship. These internships can range from 1 to 9 months and are directly connected to your field of study. If you have finished your education (technical/professional degree or higher education), Galp can have the right challenge for you.

What does Galp’s deal with Ser Energia mean for Brazil?

Portuguese power company Galp has reached agreements with SER Energia and Casa dos Ventos to purchase 4.8GW worth of solar and wind energy projects in Brazil. The deal with Brazilian solar designer SER Energia encompasses the buyout of 4.6GWp of projects currently in development across Brazil.

What does Galp’s deal with Casa dos Ventos mean for Brazil?

Under the agreement with Casa dos Ventos, Galp will acquire a group of wind farms being developed in Brazil’s north-east region, with a total capacity of 216MW. The deals mark the company’s entry into the Brazilian renewable energy market.

What are Galps offshore projects?

Galp’s offshore projects include stakes in the prolific Santos basin, such as the Tupi/Iracema project in BM-S-11 block and Bacalhau project Bacalhau North and BM-S-8 blocks, among many others. Galp is present in several ultra-deep waters blocks in the Santos basin.

Where is GalP found?

Galp is present in this area since the year 2000. Galp is also present in the Campos, Pernambuco-Paraiba and in the Barreirinhas offshore basins.

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