Wizz air check in

wizz air check in

How do I check-in with Wizz Air?

You can also download the Wizz Air mobile application and check-in through the app. For some locations, online check-in isnt available. In these special cases, you can check in at the airport free of charge. If you are still having trouble with checking-in, please contact the Wizz Air Call Centre!

Is the check-in in Aeroporto gratis?

*Il check-in online e da dispositivo mobile potrebbero non essere disponibili presso alcuni aeroporti. In questi casi, il check-in in aeroporto è gratis. Per ridurre i costi e mantenere basse le tariffe, offriamo la possibilità di effettuare gratuitamente il check-in online.

How many bags can you check in on Wizz Air?

Checked-in bag types: You can check in up to 3 pieces of checked-in luggage. Wizz Air is introducing a new type of checked-in bag with a weight allowance of 10 kg, besides the available 20 and 32 kg options.You can check in a maximum 1 bag of 10 kg, 2 bags of 20 kg, or 3 bags of 32 kg.

Is AUTO CHECK-IN included in the Wizz Plus package?

Auto Check-in is included in the WIZZ Plus package, but can also be added if you have WIZZ Flex, airport check-in, Flexible travel partner, or WIZZ Priority service in your booking. Why must I submit my (our) telephone number and travel document information to use Auto Check-in?

How much luggage can you take on Wizz Air?

Wizz Air is introducing a new type of checked-in bag with a 10 kg allowance, besides the available 20 and 32 kg options. What hand luggage allowance can you take on Wizz Air?

How do I buy checked baggage on Wizzair?

One carry-on bag (max. size 40 x 30 x 20 cm, 10 kg), which should be placed under the seat. Up to six pieces of checked-in baggage, maximum three can be purchased online on wizzair.com or via call center, while the rest can be purchased at the airport. Duty-free items purchased at the airport following security screening.

How many bags can I check in at the airport?

You can check in a maximum 1 bag of 10 kg, 6 bags of 20 kg, or 6 bags of 32 kg. Other combination of checked-in bags is not possible to purchase online. Turn your hand luggage into checked-in baggage!

Is Wizz liable for lost or damaged baggage?

If the checked-in baggage contains any of the above listed items, WIZZ cannot be liable for any loss, damage or delay. Some airports may have further restrictions on items that can be carried in the hand luggage and/or in the checked-in baggage.

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