Elena satine

elena satine

How old is Elena Satine?

Elena Satine. Elena Marié Satine (born November 24, 1987) is a Georgian-American actress and singer.

Who is Satine kvintas?

She has also made appearances on superhero-themed series, portraying Mera on Smallville (2010), Lorelei on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2014), and Sonya Simonson / Dreamer on The Gifted (2017). Satine was born in Tbilisi, capital of what was then the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic (current Georgia ).

Is Elena Satine still married to Tyson Ritter?

Satine and Tyson Ritter, lead singer and bassist of the band The All-American Rejects became engaged in April 2013 and married on December 31, 2013. ^ Elena Satine Biography.

What kind of TV shows has Satine been in?

Satines television debut happened in an episode of Cold Case, playing an immigrant Russian singer. She has since appeared on TV shows including Gemini Division, CWs Melrose Place, and the season 10 Smallville episode Patriot , in which she played Mera, the wife of Aquaman.

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