Where to see Covilha in Portugal?

Book these experiences for a close-up look at Covilha. Private Tour 9 Day in Portugal including Lisbon, Fátima, Sintra, Porto, Évora... 1. Senhora da Boa Estrela 2. Museu De Lanificios The wool museum has 2 parts one concerning the treatment of wool from shearing to weaving and the 2nd part machinery,... 3. Museu do Queijo 4.

What is the population of the city of Covilhã?

Covilhã ( Portuguese pronunciation: [kuviˈʎɐ̃] ( listen)) is a city and a municipality in the Centro region, Portugal. The city proper had 34,772 inhabitants in 2001. The municipality population in 2011 was 51,797, in an area of 555.60 square kilometres (214.52 sq mi).

What does Sporting da Covilhã stand for?

Sporting Clube da Covilhã, commonly known as just Sporting da Covilhã, is Portuguese football club from the city of Covilhã that plays in the second-tier Liga Portugal 2. The club was founded in 1923.

What is the nightlife like in Covilhã?

Like other university towns Covilhã has a lively nightlife scene. Due to the small dimension of the city, it is easy and safe to get around, and there are many pleasant places to have a drink.

Where is Covilhã?

Where is Covilhã? Covilhã is located in central Portugal, in the Centro region, Cova da Beira subregion. It occupies an area of approximately 555 km2 at the bottom of the highest Portuguese mountains, Serra da Estrela. Covilhã is situated 300 km Northeast of Lisbon and 100 km East of Coimbra.

Where to stay in Covilhã?

For those who don’t mind sharing a room with other people, Covilhã Hostel might be a great choice. It is located in the town centre and allows you to make friends with other fellow travellers. If you travel with family or friends, this apartment might be a great low budget solution for you.

What is the climate like in Covilhã?

The climate in Covilhã is Mediterranean (Csa, according to the Köppen climate classification), moderately cold in the winter and relatively warm in the summer. There is the Vodafone Ski Resort, the only ski resort in Portugal, 20 km (12.4 mi) away from the city, actually in the neighbouring municipality of Seia.

What are the major industries in Covilhã?

Tourism is also important, and the city serves as a winter and mountain resort. Fruit production is important in the region of Cova da Beira, a subregion centered in Covilhãs municipality. Frulact, a Portuguese fruit processing company, has major industrial facilities in the municipality of Covilhã.

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