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How many companies closed in Portugal in 2021?

Hotel chain Hilton has celebrated the opening of The Emerald House in Lisbon, marking the debut of the Curio Collection by Hilton in the... Nearly 13,000 companies closed in Portugal in 2021, while 1,951 have begun insolvency proceedings in court. Nevertheless, the numbers are viewed as “relatively low” and...

Why is the Porto Metro closed on 3 and 7 December?

The Porto metro service will be very limited on 3 and 7 December due to a train drivers strike. Coming to Portugal? Here are the new rules you need to follow Download the mobile app and enjoy the smoothest experience. The Government of the Azores has decreed the mandatory use of masks or visors for access or permanence inside spaces and...

Why has Portugal welcomed 273 Afghan refugees fleeing Afghanistan?

Portugal on Monday welcomed 273 Afghan refugees including students and teachers from a national music school who had fled Afghanistan to escape Taliban reprisals. The Taliban banned music under their strict interpretation of Islamic law during their first stint in…

Is Portugal the world’s second best country for wine tourism?

A new study by luggage storage company Bounce has hailed Portugal as the second-best country in the world for wine tourism. The study, entitled ‘The... Referred to as the drink of the Gods, who can resist a glass of wine with a deliciously prepared meal?

When will remote working become mandatory in Portugal?

Remote working will also become mandatory from Dec. 25, Costa said at a press conference in Lisbon on Tuesday following a cabinet meeting. The measures had been announced on Nov. 25 and were initially due to take effect on Jan. 2 and to be in place through Jan. 9.

When is an individual regarded as resident in Portugal?

An individual will be regarded as resident in Portugal for tax purposes, in the year or part of the year, to which the income relates to, in case the individual: spends more than 183 days – continuously or not - in the country/jurisdiction within a 12-month period, or

What are the tax obligations of an employer in Portugal?

The employer is also required to report the income paid and tax withheld to the employee and to the tax authorities within specific deadlines. Non-EU individuals must apply for a visa before their arrival in Portugal.

Where will Portugals Afghan refugees go?

As for the refugees, Portugal will receive Afghan citizens from a European country, possibly Turkey, since it does not have the means to get them to Kabul, explained Gomes Cravinho.

How many Afghans has Portugal welcomed after the humanitarian emergency?

This weekend Portugal received 80 Afghans, most of them womens football team athletes and their families, bringing to 178 the total number of citizens welcomed after the humanitarian emergency in Afghanistan.

How should Europe respond to the Afghan migrant crisis?

Instead, he has urged the European Union to create a “robust response” to any new influx of migrants from Afghanistan that would essentially aim to pay transit countries to keep refugees there. Such an initiative, Mr. Macron said on Monday, should build on “cooperation with transit countries,” like Turkey, Central Asian countries and Pakistan.

What happened to the Afghan refugees?

Afghanistan Refugee Crisis Explained After more than four decades of displacement, Afghan refugees constitute one of the largest protracted refugee situations in the world. In recent years some Afghan refugees have been able to return home, while others remain displaced in neighboring countries.

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