F1 barcelona 2022

f1 barcelona 2022

When is the 2022 F1 Barcelona test?

The 2022 Barcelona Test (officially the Formula 1 Pre-Season Track Session 2022) is the first of two pre-season tests ahead of the 2022 Formula One season, staged at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya between 23 to 25 February 2022. All ten entrants to the 2022 season are taking part.

Whats new at the 2022 Spanish Grand Prix?

The 2022 Spanish Grand Prix sees a Formula 1 takeover of Barcelona, as the fight for Championship points continues at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. The Spanish Grand Prix ( Spanish : Gran Premio de España, Catalan : Gran Premi dEspanya) is a Formula One motor racing event currently held at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

Is it now easier to follow in F1 in 2022?

The consensus from drivers who had managed to follow rivals in Barcelona was that it is now easier than in the past, which was the key aim of the 2022 regulations. The real test will come in race conditions, when there are multiple cars in line and the DRS comes into play, but the early signs are positive.

How many drivers are taking part in the 2022 Barcelona test?

All ten entrants to the 2022 season are taking part. Coverage of this testing session will not be broadcasted on live television. Instead, there will be 60-minute summaries posted to F1 TV per testing day. The full entry list for the 2022 Barcelona Test is outlined below:

When is the first F1 test in 2022?

Ahead of the introduction of new technical regulations in 2022, Formula 1 is expected to hold two 3-day test sessions in Barcelona (February 23-25) and Bahrain (March 11-13). The first race of the 2022 F1 season is also in Bahrain on March 18-20.

Who won F1s 2022 Barcelona test at Barcelona?

George Russell ended the final morning of Formula 1s 2022 Barcelona pre-season test on top in a much-interrupted session which produced five red flags.

Will Barcelona circuit host pre-season testing ahead of the 2022 season?

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is expected to host the first three days of pre-season testing ahead the 2022 Formula 1 season. Here’s everything you need to know about attending and being the first to see the new generation of F1 cars on track. All images © F1Destinations.com. The Editor attended Winter Testing in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

When is the 2020 F1 pre-season testing in Barcelona?

Circuit de Catalunya-Barcelona will host six days of pre-season testing in early 2020, a reduction from the eight days of testing held in previous years. The first test will be staged from February 19-21 and the second from February 26-28.

What do the 2022 F1 rules mean for F1 drivers?

Early feedback from Formula 1 drivers in Barcelona suggests that the 2022 rules have achieved their main aim of allowing cars to follow more closely.

Whats new in Formula 1 in 2022?

After the incredible drama of 2021, Formula 1 is gearing up for plenty more excitement in 2022 with new rules and cars only increasing the intrigue...; As the build-up continues, we answer some of the key questions, recap key dates and look ahead to the season So what exactly is changing for 2022?

When will the new F1 cars be tested?

Given the new cars specifications and likely handling characteristic changes, it is expected that the vast majority of the tests will be completed by the 2022 race drivers to provide them with the maximum track time to adapt to the new cars.

What do the new F1 rules mean for the sport?

The new rules also introduce measures to limit costs for F1 teams, including a further reduction in the team cost cap for 2022, plus a sliding scale of windtunnel and CFD development time has been introduced as a way to provide better competition – with the worst-performing team given the most windtunnel time and the best team given the least.

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