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iberdrola login

What is Iberdrola?

Iberdrola: the utility of the future - Iberdrola A leading multinational in clean energy and a pioneer in the deployment of smart grids, at the service of society and people saltar.contenido IBEX 35 IBERDROLAIBEX 35

What is the purpose of the Iberdrola client consultancy service?

Purpose: Communication of your data to IBERDROLA CLIENTES SAU in order to process your request and advise you regarding Iberdrola products and services, and inform you about our own and third-party sporting, cultural and charitable actions in which IBERDROLA is a participant, including those based on profiling.

How do I make a withdrawal from Iberdrola?

You can also complete a copy of the form or send it, or another type of unambiguos statement, electronically through our website www.iberdrola.es. If you decide to use this method, we will acknowledge receipt of your withdrawal by reliable means (for example, by email) without delay.

Are Iberdrola agents available 24 hours a day?

Our agents will be happy to help you 24 hours a day. To streamline the process, remember to have an Iberdrola bill and the contract holders national identity number to hand. Would you like to join the Business Collaborator Channel? Iberdrola Business Partners get great perks like these:

Iberdrola Customers @TuIberdrola Youtube Call us Our agents will be happy to address any matter with you Remember to have on hand: Iberdrola Bill and the contract holders ID card/tax ID number Customer Service 900 400 408 24 hours Technical Support 900 22 45 22 24 hours ARE YOU ABROAD? Language Calls from Spain Calls from abroad French

Is accessibity a commercial partner of Iberdrola?

How do I exercise my right to withdraw from Iberdrola?

To exercise your right to withdraw, you must notify IBERDROLA CLIENTES, S.A.U. with registered address at Plaza Euskadi 5, 48009 BILBAO, tel: 900 225 235, Fax 944 663 433 and email address desistimiento@iberdrola.es, of your intention by sending an unambiguous statement (for example, a letter sent by post, fax or email).

How do I pay my Iberdrola Bill?

Other payment methods: AT IBERDROLA, WE OFFER YOU VARIOUS WAYS TO PAY YOUR BILLS Cash or cashpoint Card Transfer Other payment methods: Cash or cashpoint You can pay the bill personally at cashpoints and branches of partner banksby simply presenting the bill or the non-payment notification letter.

What will happen to Iberdrola customers now?

It said that the regulator has been asked to initiate the automatic transition of Iberdrola customers gas and electricity accounts to its designated suppliers. Iberdrola has around 32,000 Irish customers, the company said. Gas customers will be moved to Bord Gáis Energy while electricity customers will be transitioned to Electric Ireland.

How do I change my bank account with Iberdrola?

Via the On-line Customer Office, in the option Contracts / Change bank account. By phoning 900 225 235. On Twitter: @TuIberdrolaand on Facebook: IberdrolaClientes.

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