Nicko cruises

nicko cruises

Who is Nicko cruises?

As a specialist in cruises on small ships, we not only draw on our own experience, but also on an international network of partners in order to implement the Nicko cruises philosophy.

Are Nicko cruises itineraries weather-dependent?

Like most cruises, Nicko Cruises itineraries are weather-dependent – for example, a long period of rain or drought could have a short-term, detrimental effect on water levels which will affect the itinerary. Do you provide travel documents? Travel documents are usually sent via email 14 days prior to the cruise departing.

How much do you tip on Nicko cruises?

However as a guideline, if you would like to leave a tip Nicko cruises recommends €5-7 per passenger per night. Does every cabin have a view? All cabins onboard the ships are outside cabins which mean you will either have a cabin with a window or porthole.

Is there a dress code for dinner on a Nicko cruise?

Although there is no dress code for dinner, Nicko Cruises do request you to dress smartly and for The Captains Dinner & Gala Dinner a higher level of formality is requested. How old does a child have to be to travel with Nicko cruises?

Why choose a Nicko river cruise?

For more than 25 years, the nicko brand has been synonymous with unforgettable river travel experiences, offering top service and a personal touch at the best value for money on a full programme of award-winning European River Cruises.

Was ist Nicko cruises flussreisen GmbH?

Jederzeit gerne wieder. Im Juli 2021 haben wir eine 14tägige Donau-Kreuzfahrt mit der MS Victoria gemacht und ich schildere meine Eindrücke wie folgt: … nicko cruises Flussreisen GmbH is one of the leading suppliers for river cruises in Europe and disposes over a modern as well as comfortable fleet.

What does Nicko’s rebrand mean for slow cruises?

The Stuttgart-based cruise line’s rebranding includes fresh design and a new logo and slogan. To celebrate the year of Nicko Cruises’ 30th anniversary, the cruise line said that it has refined the brand image to highlight its “brand core” of slow cruising in the areas of river, ocean, and expedition cruises, with a new slogan: “time to discover.”

What is the nickovision ship?

From July 2018, our new nickoVISION ship with its innovative design and a completely new on-board concept will be providing a new standard on the river! A ship for anyone who used to find river cruises “outdated”. For anyone who doesn’t want to have to decide what they are eating for dinner at breakfast time.

How much do you tip on a cruise?

Some cruise lines employ a sommelier or wine steward in the main dining rooms, who isn’t included in the tipping pool. $10-20 at the end of the cruise is a nice gratuity for their service. In for-a-fee specialty dining restaurants, you might see a spot on your bill (if you get one) to add a tip.

How do I tip on a non-tipping ship?

Here’s how to think about tipping on a non-tipping ship. Leave the cash and credit card in your wallet. Learn the ropes of cruise tipping with these FAQs. Our experts weigh in on how, when and whom you should tip with our handy insiders guide.

How do I adjust my tip on a Costa Rica cruise?

You can adjust the amount at the guest relations desk. Extra charges: An 18% gratuity is added to bar charges, beverage and mini-bar purchases, and spa and salon services. See Celebritys tipping policy. Costa has varying gratuity charges depending on where you cruise.

How much does it cost to go on a cruise ship?

Price: For most ships it is $12.50 per person/day, $6.25 per person/day for ages 4-14, and guests ages 0-3 incur no gratuity charge. For some ships, it is $13.50 per person/day, and $16.50 per person/day for suite guests. 15% is automatically added to the shipboard account for beverages.

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