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What is Getty Images?

At Getty Images, our mission is to move the world with images. Were here to help you make your creative mark and bring home earnings from your photos, videos and illustrations. The Getty Images brand includes Getty Images and iStock, customers first choice for high quality imagery.

How do I become a contributor by Getty Images?

To apply, download our Contributor by Getty Images app. Share 3 to 6 samples of your photos, videos, or illustrations (video submissions will need to be uploaded to YouTube for review). Well review your samples and let you know if youre accepted to either Getty Images or iStock by Getty Images. You must be at least 18 years of age to apply.

How old do I have to be to join Getty Images?

You must be at least 18 years of age to apply. Once your application has been accepted through our Contributor app, we’ll send you an invitation to join Getty Images or iStock as a contributor.

What types of content will Getty Images not accept?

Getty Images will not accept content thats a violation of the exclusive rights of a creator. This also includes less obvious elements present in a file – branded clothes, logos on drinks and food, technology brands, etc.

Where is Getty Images located?

Getty Images, Inc. is an American stock photography agency, based in Seattle in the United States. It also has offices in London. The company supplies stock images for business and consumers with a massive archive of still images and some 50,000 hours of stock film footage.

What happens when I download a photo from Getty Images?

When you download a photo, illustration, vector, video or music clip on Getty Images, youre actually buying a license that gives you rights to use it in your projects. All creative images and some creative videos and editorial images are Royalty-free (RF), which means their price is based on file size.

How do I become a Getty Images contributor?

Getty Images, a sister site to iStock, encourages freelance photographers and videographers to submit a portfolio and apply to be contributors. If accepted, the site will represent you in the sale of photos, videos and/or illustrations. The site has two ways to do that. You can be an “exclusive” contributor or a non-exclusive contributor.

Why join iStock by Getty Images?

iStock by Getty Images has grown from a 6-person start-up to become a global player in the stock media industry with hundreds of employees and over 160,000 global contributors. Whats remained the same is our passion for moving the world with imagery. Were always looking for people to join our team.

How do I become a Getty Images contributor and sell photos?

If you’re a photographer wanting to sell stock photos, EyeEm is a great way to become a Getty Images contributor and have your images offered to a wide audience. Here is how it works: 1 – Either download the EyeEm App or visit EyeEm in your browser.

How many customers does Getty Images have?

Getty Images and iStock by Getty Images serve over 1.5 million customers in over 200 countries worldwide, giving you the opportunity to license your content globally and make your creative mark in the world. We are the market leader and have the largest distribution network – giving you more opportunities to have your content seen and used.

Can you become a Getty contributor from anywhere?

You can become a Getty contributor from anywhere in the world, unlike some other stock photography companies. Weve now reached the part I know most of you actually want to read. If these complaints are even half-true, its pretty shocking coming from a reputed company like Getty Images.

Why can’t I license from Getty Images?

Getty Images (not iStock) requires an exclusivity agreement, meaning you will not be allowed to directly license any content that Getty Images approves. In other words, while you still own the copyright to your images, they own exclusive leasing rights.

This is a license agreement between you and Getty Images that explains how you can use photos, illustrations, vectors, and video clips (individually and collectively, content) that you license from Getty Images. By downloading content from Getty Images, you accept the terms of this agreement. What types of licenses does Getty Images offer?

What do I need to know about copyright on Getty Images?

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