Yamaha xsr 125

yamaha xsr 125

What makes the Yamaha xsr125 so special?

The new XSR125 has an MT-125 engine/chassis d in semi-retro XSR bodywork to deliver decent performance and trendy style at a tempting price. Why buy? The XSR125 joins Yamaha’s ‘Sport Heritage’ line-up of modern but retro-styled roadster as its junior member (the others being the proven and popular XSR700 and XSR900, which debuted in 2016.

How many xsr125 have been sold?

The XSR125 is also the smallest of three retros in Yamaha’s current range, which also consist of the 698cc twin-cylinder XSR700 and 847cc XSR900 triple. Yamaha have sold over 32,000 XSR models in Europe since their introduction in 2014.

Is the Yamaha XSR a learner-legal bike?

With modern classic machines continuing to grow in popularity, it always felt a bit odd that there was a learner-legal hole in Yamaha’s XSR range when they have their naked (MT) and supersport (YZF-R) ranges covered so completely – especially as they’ve sold a massive 32,000 XSRs since they first hit dealers in 2014.

What makes the Yamaha sport heritage XSR900 so special?

It’s the newest bike in Yamaha’s Sport Heritage line up, and comes with a premium specification that includes LED lights and full LCD instruments just like the larger capacity XSR700 and XSR900 – as well as a lightweight Deltabox frame and USD front forks that give a confident and comfortable ride.

What kind of engine does the Yamaha xsr125 have?

The new XSR125 uses the same four-valve, liquid-cooled, Euro5-friendly engine as seen in the firm’s sporty R125 and MT-125 roadster. The 15bhp motor uses Yamaha’s Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) system and produces plenty of torque at lower engine speeds together with decent performance (for a 125) at higher speeds.

What makes the xsr125 so popular?

The fashionable new XSR125 has got what it takes to get you there in less time. Its timeless looks and eye-catching colours stand out wherever you go, and the full-power 125cc 11kW engine and agile handling make every trip into work or college a whole lot more fun than going by crowded public transport. Build your dream XSR125

What makes the Yamaha XSR different to other roadsters?

Again, the XSR’s chassis is essentially identical to Yamaha’s established, slightly more premium MT-125 roadster in comprising a beefy twin spar Deltabox frame (albeit with different rear subframe due to the XSR’s different seat design), with suspension identical to the R-125 sportster so we should have few complaints – and we don’t.

How much does the Honda xsr125 cost?

For reference, the standard XSR125 is priced at $4,990 in Europe. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the bike will begin reaching dealerships from June 2022. An avid motorcyclist whos always up for a ride to the canyons or the race track.

The price of Yamaha XSR125 is expected to be Rs. 1.35 Lakh*. What are different variants for Yamaha XSR125? The different variants of Yamaha XSR125 are Yamaha XSR125 STD..

What makes the xsr125 so popular?

Should I buy a Yamaha XSR900 or XSR700?

While the XSR900 is great, the bike you really want is the Yamaha XSR700 - the bike that Yamaha still claims they have no plans to bring Stateside. Because its just the right amount of bike for the riding position and the way most people looking to buy this bike want to ride.

What is the new Yamaha xsr125 Legacy Edition?

Yamaha have revealed a new XSR125 Legacy edition for 2022, which builds on the firm’s pre-existing learner legal retro roadster with fresh colours, spoked wheels and chunkier Metzeler Karoo tyres.

Is Yamaha’s 125cc the ultimate learner legal machine?

In a world where 125cc machines are flying out of dealers and modern classics are all the rage, Yamaha have pulled off a master stroke and created the ultimate learner legal machine, in that sense. For an A1 compliant 125, it not only looks and feels like a premium machine, but it goes like one too.

What is the difference between the XSR and the legacy?

Available from June this year, the Legacy shares the same underpinnings as the base XSR, meaning you get a 14.8bhp 125cc single-cylinder engine equipped with Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) crammed in a Deltabox chassis, roomy big bike feel, and 70s looks bearing more than a passing resemblance to the iconic RD350LC.

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