Hyundai bayon 2022

hyundai bayon 2022

What is the Hyundai Bayon?

The all-new Hyundai Bayon is an all-new crossover SUV designed specifically for Europe. As a B-segment SUV, it is the latest and smallest member of Hyundais expanding SUV family. Bayon features a compact exterior, a roomy interior, and a long list of intelligent safety and connectivity features that make it stand out in its segment.

What is the ground clearance of Hyundai Bayon?

As a true SUV, Hyundai Bayon offers a ground clearance of up to 183 mm (in combination with 17-inch wheels), higher than most other vehicles in the B-segment. As with other Hyundai models, Bayon offers advanced connectivity technology rarely found in its segment.

What is the newest SUV from Hyundai?

2022 Hyundai Bayon: The Newest SUV From Hyundai? The Hyundai Group registered the name “Bayon” with the European Patent Office in mid-May 2020 under the number 01829924. Entries were made in Nice class 12 for vehicles, including electric cars, as well as parts and accessories.

How much does the Hyundai Bayon cost compared to Kona?

So stay tuned, we will update this article next. The Hyundai Kona costs around $ 18,550. To sell, the smaller Bayon should be at least $ 14,550 cheaper. The new entry-level Hyundai Bayon crossover will be released in the spring of 2021.

What makes the Hyundai Bayon so special?

The all-new BAYON is the latest – and most compact – member of Hyundai’s award-winning SUV family. This fresh crossover SUV is really shaking up the segment with its sleek style, roomy interior, and loads of smart tech like mild-hybrid powertrains and a long list of intelligent safety and connectivity features.

What is the Toyota Bayon?

See things from a new perspective The all-new BAYON is a small-on-the-outside, big-on-the-inside crossover SUV that is designed to make a lasting impression. Its packed with smart tech, connectivity features and advanced safety equipment, and comes with an efficient mild hybrid powertrain as standard.

How wide is the Hyundai Bayon 2021 without mirrors?

The width measurement of 1775 millimeters corresponds to the width of the Hyundai Bayon 2021 without exterior mirrors. Motorization: petrol and petrol mild hybrid. Because of its size, features, ground clearance of 16 cm and length of 4180 mm, we classify the Hyundai Bayon in the category of small SUV. (Sorted from smallest to largest length.

Is the Hyundai Bayon the future of electric cars?

As the Kona Electric is proving to be a sales success, Hyundai might decide to offer that as an electric-only model in the future. A compact exterior, a roomy interior, and a long list of intelligent safety and connectivity features will make the Hyundai Bayon a desirable choice.

What is the best Hyundai SUV to buy?

Hyundai SUVs 1 2021 KONA. The small SUV thats big on adventure. ... 2 2022 KONA. The small SUV thats big on tech. ... 3 2021 TUCSON. The right sized SUV. ... 4 2021 SANTA FE. The family-first SUV. ... 5 2021 SANTA FE HYBRID. The hybrid SUV for family adventures. ... 6 2021 PALISADE. The three-row, upscale SUV. ...

How much does a new Hyundai SUV cost?

New Hyundai SUV and Crossover Price List Model Power Engine Base Price Hyundai Ioniq 5 TBC TBC TBC Hyundai Kona 147 hp 2.0L Inline-4 Gas $20,500 Hyundai Nexo 161 hp Electric $58,935 Hyundai Palisade 291 hp 3.8L V6 Gas $32,675 6 more rows ...

What are the new Hyundai cars in 2020?

Hyundai’s 2020 SUV & Crossover Lineup: All 5 Models Explained. 1 2020 Hyundai Venue. The newest addition to Hyundai’s SUV roster, the Hyundai Venue is the automaker’s entrance into the competitive crossover category. 2 2020 Hyundai Kona. 3 2020 Hyundai Tucson. 4 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe. 5 2020 Hyundai Palisade.

Where does the Hyundai Tucson fit in Hyundai’s SUV lineup?

The Tucson is perfectly placed in the middle of Hyundai’s SUV lineup—larger than the Venue and Kona, providing more cargo space and power, but smaller than the Santa Fe and Palisade if you don’t need to go that big.

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