What does Quando mean in Spanish?

Noun. quando m ( uncountable ) when, moment (a point or period in time) Synonyms: circostanza, momento, tempo, occasione, attimo.

What is another word for when?

Synonyms for when. albeit. although. at. at the same time. during. howbeit. immediately upon. just after.

What is the meaning ofQuando?

sī quandō... ― if ever... From Latin quandō . From Old Portuguese quando, from Latin quandō . Quando (eles) chegaram? When did they arrive? Esse bolo foi feito quando? When was this cake made? Quando tiver uma dúvida, vá à biblioteca. When you are in doubt, go to the library. For quotations using this term, see Citations:quando.

What is the root word of Quam?

Univerbation of quam (“how, as”) +‎ *dō (“then, until”) . (interrogative) When ? (relative) When. sī quandō... ― if ever... From Latin quandō . From Old Portuguese quando, from Latin quandō .

What does Dimmi Quando Tornerai mean in Italian?

“ Dimmi quando tornerai, dimmi quando… quando… quando… “ Sounds familiar? Turns out, quando is one of the first words you should learn when you start learning Italian. Let’s see why. Quando is one of the Italian Five Ws ( chi, cosa, dove, quando, perché) – questions that are the basis of information gathering and problem-solving processes.

What is the origin of the Spanish word Cuando?

History and Etymology for cuando. American Spanish, from Spanish, when, from Latin quando; from the fact that each strophe of the song originally sung to accompany this dance began with cuando.

What does Tu Parli Quando dovresti mean?

Tu parli quando dovresti stare zitto. You speak when you shouldn’t. Raccontami il come e il quando. Tell me about the how and when. when [adverb] at what time (?)

The Latin phrase conditio per quam translates to a situation being fulfilled in a stipulated cause to effect relationship. Conditio is the basis for the modern English word of condition, while per (still in use) regards being based upon. What meaning is the latin term non quam diu? Not for how long. What does journal mean in Roman?

How many entries include the term quam?

The following 2 entries include the term quam . What does poke refer to in the expression pig in a poke? Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? A daily challenge for crossword fanatics. Love words? Need even more definitions?

What is the meaning of Quam Pulcher est?

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