Who is Olmar?

OLMAR S.A. is a familiar company dedicated to the design and manufacture of autoclaves, ovens, steam generators and all kind of pressure vessels. Founded in 1945 by Mr. Olegario García Hevia, Olmar history is built from values as work, effort and improvement, which define the spirit of the company today.

How to contact Olmar?

+34 985 321 700contact@olmar.com Languages Русский Français Deutsch Español English Company Products Autoclaves ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING STEAM BOILERS OL | OLC

Why choose Olmar heating?

The lines, materials and finishing of Olmar heating elements reflect various personalities that all share an understated elegance grounded in architect Giulio Cappellini’s artistic direction.

Who is Omar al-Mukhtar?

Omar Al-Mukhtar was born in 1858 to a family in the town of Zanzur near Tobruk, in the region of Ottoman Cyrenaica, belonging to the Senussi (who were seen as Libyan Ashrafs) Arab clan just like Emir or King Idris es Senussi, eventually becoming chief or leader of the clan. As a child, Omar lost his father early on and spent his youth in poverty.

Why choose Olmar?

The experience of historic Made in Italy brand, Olmar, combined with advanced technological research gave life to a new concept for domestic heating, resulting in a collection of products characterized by their highly innovative and aesthetic content.

Why Olmar autoclaves?

Olmar provides a complete custom solution for composite curing autoclaves, including the latest software, air control and energy efficiency developments in order to achieve the best results in each one of your work cycles.

What is quality control at Olmar?

Quality is an essential factor at INDUSTRIAL OLMAR. Each unit goes through strict controls during the manufacturing process. The outcome of these controls, added to those conducted by our suppliers to their material, make up a Quality Control File.

What is the industrial Olmar project?

Industrial Olmar, S.A. is currently developing a project called “Analysis of the curing process of composite materials in autoclaves” subsidised by the Government of the Principality of Asturias through the IDEPA and the European Union via the ERDF in the aid scheme within the framework of the Technological Innovation Check Programme 2015.

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