Gin lovers lisbon

gin lovers lisbon

What is Gin lovers Principe Real?

Gin Lovers Principe Real is a bar, a restaurant and a store. You can buy all the Gin brands that you can find in the bar. Plus magazines and books. And of course the botanicals and tonic waters packages.

What are the best gin bars in town in Portugal?

João Nunes: Great wine bar. And now, with a tremendous upgrade: it features one of the best gin bars in town by Gin Lovers. An absolute must! Filipa Byrne: I have been to Vestigius on my wedding day! Great gin bar, wines and right in front of the river. The staff is very friendly and the decor is amazing!

What is the Gin Lovers project?

Gin Lovers project is the result of creating a space 100% dedicated to Gin in the centre of Lisbon. It will be a signature venue in Portugal and unites all of Gin Lovers activities in one location - the Gin, the bar, the shop, the restaurant and the lifestyle.

What do you drink in Lisbon?

Five years ago in Lisbon, you either drank wine or beer, that was it. You could also drink vodka or gin with a lemon twist or orange juice bought in the corner shop. In bars they would be prepared by amateurs with second grade vodka and gin. What changed in Portugal and Europe was the quality of Gin.

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