Adidas speed flow

adidas speed flow

What is the Adidas x Speedflow?

Shifting up a gear to redefine fast in football for the 21/22 season, adidas launch the X Speedflow, which is designed to support key speed states in the modern game: instant acceleration, agility and instinct.

Why choose Adidas x soccer cleats?

THE ULTIMATE EXPRESSION OF SPEED IN A LIGHTWEIGHT CLEAT. From brain to cleat to ball. And back again. When sharpness of mind meets quickness of body, you become the fastest version of yourself. Find your flow and leave the rest behind. Whatever speed means to you, these adidas X soccer cleats keep you out in front.

What is the Adidas x ghosted?

Last year, adidas launched the X Ghosted, a light-weight boot that reflects fast football, enabling and promoting next-level speed on the pitch. Following on from this Adidas listened to athletes and amateurs alike on how the boot could be improved.

What makes Adidas primeknit so special?

Their Carbitex carbon-fibre insert and raised forefoot help spark explosive straight-line acceleration while a stabilising Agilitycage straps you in for jinks and turns. Whether youre in full flight or ready to pounce, the laceless adidas PRIMEKNIT skin injects comfort and confidence.

How do Adidas x Speedflow boots fit?

The adidas X Speedflow.1 fits very wide While the X Ghosted fit narrow to moderate width feet, the X Speedflow.1 sees a return to a wider fit. That knitted lace area and tongue were key to helping the boot stretch really wide as you put it on. Unlike previous Xs, this is one of the easiest boots to put on, even when I had them half a size smaller.

What makes the X Speedflow so comfortable?

The material is much softer around the toebox for comfort while the midfoot retained some of its rigidity to provide response and lockdown during those quick cut and dribbles. Key to that rigidity and support is a web-like cage that forms the main skeleton of the X Speedflow.1. Another issue fixed is the mouth and lace area.

What happened to the Adidas x series?

The adidas X series has gone through a lot of change over the past few years. The German boot maker was always in two worlds about what they’d like to see in their premier speed boot category.

What makes the Adidas x ghosted the best of all time?

And last but not least, adidas kept the carbitex soleplate which provides that springy sensation to propel you forward. This was the best part of the X Ghosted and we’re glad it made a return. While the X Ghosted fit narrow to moderate width feet, the X Speedflow.1 sees a return to a wider fit.

What makes the Adidas x ghosted 1 so good?

Part of the adidas promise with the X Ghosted .1 was a vacuum-like fit that wraps your foot for the best one-to-one fit, and the X Ghosted .1 delivers that in spades. You get that unique “thup” sound created by the excess air escaping the boots when wearing it.

Is the X ghosted a good boot?

The X Ghosted.1 is built for players who love a thin and extremely barefoot speed boot experience. And that to me, is what’s most exciting about the X Ghosted.1. Yes it’s a good boot, with probably the best outsole in recent years, but it isn’t perfect, with areas for improvement such as the upper.

Is the Adidas x 20 ghosted a throwback to the F50?

It culminated in the adidas X18.1, which balanced a light weight with 2 key game-changers within the speed category – it was comfortable and accommodated wide-footed players. The new generation X, the X 20 Ghosted, however, seems to be a throwback to the traditional speed boot days of the F50.

What makes X ghosted so fast?

Further nods to speed come in the detail, with the three-stripe placement inspired by the wings of the peregrine falcon – the fastest creature on earth. X Ghosted is designed to be a lightweight speed boot that feels fast when placed on the foot thanks to insights from the running track, where marginal gains on the clock define the game.

Using fused yarn that lets adidas adjust the flexibility, stability and support that Primeknit brings to different silhouettes, it’s a fresh and versatile way of crafting uppers for your creps. Where did Primeknit come from? In 2010, Astrid Lang and Stefan Tamm from adidas’ footwear development team went to the annual “techtextil” fair in Germany.

What is primeknit and how does it fit?

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