Steam deck specs

steam deck specs

How much does the steam deck cost?

There are three Steam Deck models thatll be available for $399, $529 and $649. These models have identical internal processing power across the APU but there are significant storage size differences. The $399 model includes just 64GB eMMC storage.

What are the specs of the steam deck?

List of Steam Deck specs Category Steam Deck Operating System SteamOS 3.0 (Arch-based) Display 7-inch diagonal, 1200x800 px Brightness 400 nits Refresh rate 60hz 12 more rows ...

What type of SSD does the steam deck use?

All versions of the Steam Deck utilize a high-speed SSD of some kind. The entry-level model uses 64GB eMMC and the two pricier editions have an M.2 2230 NVMe SSD.

What is the steam decks architecture?

The Steam Deck includes a custom accelerated processing unit (APU) built by AMD based on their Zen 2 and RDNA 2 architectures, named Aerith based on the Final Fantasy VII character Aerith Gainsborough. The CPU runs a four-core/eight-thread unit and the GPU runs on eight compute units with a total estimated performance of 1.6 TFLOPS.

Should you pay $399 for the steam deck?

The $399 version will certainly be easier on the wallet at face value, but when you look at the storage capacity for it, the option becomes less enticing. The $399 version of the Steam Deck only has 64 GB of internal storage.

How much storage does the steam deck have?

The Steam Deck costs: The more expensive versions of the Steam Deck feature faster NVMe SSD storage, while the cheapest is listed with a 64GB eMMC (embedded multi-media card) storage solution. All three versions will let you increase storage space with a MicroSD card, at least.

Should you buy the cheapest version of steam deck?

Picking the cheapest version of the Steam Deck, even with a hefty microSD card, will force players to remove games on the console in order to just play them. As someone who didn’t buy a microSD card for his Nintendo Switch until about three months in, I can tell you this is a miserable game to play.

How much does it cost to reserve a steam deck?

Currently a Steam Deck can be reserved if you put down a $5 deposit, though Steams servers were immediately overwhelmed when the reservation page went online.

Is the steam Deck’s SSD upgradeable?

These comments fall in line with new messaging that has appeared on the Steam Deck hardware specs page: “All models use socketed 2230 m.2 modules (not intended for end-user replacement). In other words, the SSD is upgradeable, but it’s not in an easily accessible spot like the PS5’s SSD expansion slot.

Can I add an SD card to my steam deck?

All three Steam Deck models include the ability to upgrade storage by adding an SD card in the internal slot. Obviously the less storage you have, the more important this will be, as 64GB isnt enough space to store many modern PC games.

Does the steam deck have a MicroSD port?

With the Steam Deck’s lowest-cost version only having 64GB of storage and some of that taken away by the SteamOS built-in, the microSD port on the device is going to need to come into action – even on the largest size of 512GB.

Whats the difference between the different steam deck models?

The most significant difference between the three Steam Deck models is the storage. Before we compare, its worth noting that all Steam Deck models support expandable storage via microSD or USB 3.0 storage devices, but your games will always run most efficiently from the internal storage.

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