Why did Maniche leave Coimbra?

On 12 June 2013, Maniche was appointed as assistant at Paços de Ferreira after his former Porto and international teammate Costinha was hired as the manager. Three years later he was hired in the same role alongside the same boss at Segunda Liga side Académica de Coimbra, but left after four months due to personal reasons.

What happened to Maniche?

Maniche was released from contract on 6 May, even before the season was over, being left available to sign for any club, with a return to Porto one of the possible destinations. On 20 July 2009, Maniche moved to the Bundesliga with 1.

Who is Manuel Maniche?

Maniche enjoyed a successful period at Porto, winning both the UEFA Cup in 2003 and the UEFA Champions League in 2004 and contributing with 13 goals in 60 matches as the club also managed back-to-back Primeira Liga titles.

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Where is Maniche located?

The town of Maniche was raised to the rank of commune in 1979. Maniche is located near the end of a winding road which branches off Route Nationale 7 near Antoine-Simon Les Cayes Airport. The road is marked Route 700-A and continues west into the commune of Camp-Perrin, where it ends at the village of Dominique.

What happened to Manuel Maniche?

Maniche left after only one season in Germany and, on 16 June 2010, returned to his native country, signing a one-year deal (plus an option for two further seasons) with the club he still had not represented in the Portuguese Big Three, Sporting CP. Frequently injured during his spell with the Lions and vastly underperforming, the 33-year-old te...

When did Maniche make his debut for the Portugal team?

Maniche made his debut for the Portugal national team on 29 March 2003, in a 2–1 friendly victory over Brazil.

How did Maniche get his nickname?

Known for his teamwork, stamina and powerful shot, Maniche received his nickname after Benficas 1980s Danish forward Michael Manniche. Jorge Ribeiro, Maniches younger brother, was also a footballer. Mainly a left midfielder, he also represented Benfica amongst many other clubs, and the two were teammates at Dynamo Moscow.

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