What does Kacha mean in Russian?

Kacha may refer to: Kacha, Sevastopol, an urban-type settlement under the jurisdiction of the city of Sevastopol on the Crimean Peninsula. Kacha, Iran, a village in Gilan Province, Iran. Kacha, Russia, several rural localities in Russia. Kacha (sage), a mythological sage in Hinduism. Kacha River, a river in Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia.

What happened to Quando Quando?

According to law enforcement sources, the shots rang out around 3:20 AM Sunday in Blackshear, while Quando and his crew were in a parking lot off the highway. Cops believe the shooter opened fire from across the road or from the highway.

What is Quando’s new mixtape?

Following months of controversy surrounding his alleged involvement in King Von s death, Quando released his fourth mixtape, Still Taking Risks, on May 7, 2021. The mixtape has no features, consisting of 15 tracks and three bonus records.

What is the meaning of shchi da kasha?

This fact is commemorated in the Russian saying, щи да каша – пища наша ( shchi da kasha – pishcha nasha ), which literally translates as shchi and kasha are our food or cabbage soup and porridge are what we eat.

What is Kasha made of?

However, in Slavic Europe, it refers to porridge in general and can be made from buckwheat or any cereal wheat, barley, oats, millet and rye. At least 1,000 years old, kasha is one of the oldest known dishes in Central European and Eastern European cuisine.

What is the origin of the word kashi?

Kashas have been an important element of Slavic diet for at least one thousand years. This English-language usage probably originated with Jewish immigrants, as did the form קאַשי ‎ kashi (literally translated as porridges).

What is Quando Rondo’s new mixtape?

Quando Rondo is Still Taking Risks with his brand new mixtape. With no features included, the Georgia rapper holds down his 18 tracks by his lonely including the previous releases “ Stand On It “, “ Soul Reaper “, “ Angel Wings “, “ Okay “, and “ Red Eye “.

What does NBA YoungBoy’s new mixtape look like?

NBA Youngboy is dropping a new mixtape entitled Colors this Friday, January 14. The rapper made the announcement on social media earlier today, unveiling the cover art for the project. Designed by Atlanta artist TRILL, the artwork features NBA Youngboy wearing a black beanie and rainbow tie-dye hoodie.

What is coloring colors’ new mixtape?

Colors will mark the twentieth mixtape that he’s put out since 2015. This tape follows November’s Until I Return, which arrived only weeks after he was released into house arrest following a seven-month prison stint. Last week, the rapper shared a new single called “Fish Scale.”

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