Joao cravinho

joao cravinho

Who is João Cravinho and what did he do?

João Cravinho was born in Lisbon in 1964. He has a PhD in Political Science from Oxford University and a master’s and undergraduate degree from the London School of Economics. He was European Union Ambassador to Brazil from August 2015 to October 2018 and had been in the same post in India from 2011 to 2015.

Who is João Cardona Gomes Cravinho?

João Cardona Gomes Cravinho GCC (born 1936) is a Portuguese politician. He served, among other positions, as member of the Portuguese Parliament (1979–1983, 1985–1989 and 1999–2002), member of the European Parliament (1989–1994), and as the Portuguese Territory Administration Minister between 1995 and 1999.

Who is João Titterington Gomes Cravinho?

João Titterington Gomes Cravinho (born 16 June 1964) is a Portuguese diplomat and politician who has been serving as Minister of National Defence in the government of Prime Minister António Costa since 2018.

Who is João Gomes Cravinho?

^ Quem é João Gomes Cravinho, o novo ministro da Defesa [Who is João Gomes Cravinho, the new Minister of Defence]. TSF (in Portuguese). 14 October 2018.

Who is Paulo Cravinho?

Under Cravinhos leadership as Minister of National Defence, the Portuguese Air Force purchased five KC-390 military transport aircraft and a flight simulator from Brazilian aerospace company Embraer for 827 million euros ($932 million) in 2019.

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