Aron piper

aron piper

Who is Arón Piper?

( Berlín, 29 de marzo de 1997) es un actor, modelo y cantante germano-español. Se dio a conocer al protagonizar la película de Gracia Querejeta 15 años y un día (2013), pero saltó a la fama por su papel de Ander en la serie original de Netflix, Élite (2018). Arón Piper nació en Berlín, Alemania el 29 de marzo de 1997.

How well do you know Arón Piper?

It is a very popular series and many people know Piper from his character’s name which is Ander Munoz. In the year of 1997 in Berlin, Germany, Arón Piper took birth in a Christian family and his parents named him Arón Julio Manuel Piper Barbero. He belongs to a German father and Spanish mother.

What are some of your favorite movies with Aron Piper?

2013 15 Years and One DayJon (as Aron Piper) 2012 Only When I Have Nothing to Eat(Short) Andy (as Aron Piper) 2012 Fracaso escolar(Short) Hijo 2011 MaktubIñaki 2004 The GunmanExtra (uncredited)

Is Aron Piper dating Omar Ayuso?

Arón Piper was rumored to be dating Omar Ayuso, and the speculations were not just based on their screen-romance and but also on their occasional hang-outs in real life. But the matter remained at such and no further updates on their seeming-relationship were heard of.

What movies and TV shows are with Aron Piper on Netflix?

This is a regularly updated list with movies, series and documentaries with Aron Piper on Netflix. The best rated item with Aron Piper on Netflix is Elite and appeared on screen in 2018. Arón Julio Manuel Piper Barbero, known professionally as Arón Piper, is a Spanish actor born in Germany.

What movies has Eva Aron been in?

Having done lesser-known roles in movies Maktub (2011), 15 Años y un día (2013), and La Corona Partida (The Broken Crown) (2016), Aron was offered one of the main characters, Ander Muñoz on Netflix’s Spanish language drama, Élite back in 2018.

How did Aron Aron get his popularity?

Aron got his popularity majorly from his acting in the series named as “Élite”. It is a very popular series and many people know Piper from his character’s name which is Ander Munoz.

What are some of the songs of Arón?

Some of his notable songs are In The Rain (2015), Missing You (2015), Despertar (2017), Warriorz (2017), and Cenit (2019). Arón adopted the nickname “The Gent” from the nickname of a well-known gangster, James “The Gent” Burke (1931-1996).

Find Out About His Girlfriend Aron plays the character of Ander in the series, and his love interest on the show is Omar Shanaa, portrayed by Omar Ayuso. But what about in real life?

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