Troia design hotel

troia design hotel

Why choose the Troia design hotel?

A unique place, untouched, offering a wide range of unforgettable experiences. Nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the river Sado, a mere one hour from Lisbon, a place where nature has been generous, the TROIA DESIGN HOTEL is a resort where the purity of the design is present in every detail, merging perfectly with nature.

How big is the spa at in Troia?

In Troia, this 5-star hotel has a unique design and faces the Sado River Estuary. It features a casino, a spa and 2 outdoor swimming pools. The spa at the Troia Design spans 12900 ft² and offers over 70 different relaxation treatments.

What is Troia known for?

In addition to its environmental diversity, Troia is also known for its historical heritage. The Troia Peninsula is a strip of sand on the shore of the Sado estuary with about 17 km in length by about 1.5 km wide.

What is Troia in Portugal famous for?

The ruins of the ancient Troia in Portugal contain the remains of an important Roman trading centre known for its production of the popular Roman fish-based sauce Garum. The ruins of the Roman settlement of Troia in Portugal contain the remains of an important trading centre that grew into a small residential settlement.

Who is Troia in the Iliad?

She is Hippolyta s second child, sculpted from clay upon her altar to be Diana s playmate. Unlike her older sister, Troia was not born with discipline, but had to learn it. She became a rebel, made a witch, and misspent her youth among the wild girls of New Spartas forest state, where her fame was greater than that of Princess Diana.

What is Troia in Final Fantasy 4?

Troia, also known as Toroia, is a city in Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. Troia is a primarily matriarchal society, led by eight female Epopts. Women fill other primarily male roles as well, such as being the guards, soldiers, doctors, and shopkeepers of the castle and its village.

Where is the Tróia Peninsula?

Tróia Peninsula, a peninsula in Setúbal District, Alentejo, Portugal Troy (Ilion, Illium), an archaeological site in Çanakkale Province, Marmara, Asian Turkey Kathleen Troia McFarland (born 1951), American communications consultant Mariano Tullio Troia (1933–2010), member of the Sicilian Mafia

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