Iveco daily

iveco daily

What happened to the Iveco Daily truck?

Following the entry of Fords commercial operation into Iveco, in 1986, The Daily 3.5 ton was soon removed from the UK market as it was now direct competition with Fords Transit, the Daily stayed on in the UK at rated above 4.0 ton, and now sold as Iveco-Ford Truck. The Daily has no other connection with the Transit.

What does Iveco Daily Ousheng stand for?

A version produced by Naveco (Nanjing Iveco) of China called the Iveco Daily Ousheng (欧胜) was a facelift based on the fifth generation Iveco Daily, and extended production starting from 2017. The sixth generation was introduced in July 2014.

What is the weight of the Iveco Daily?

40.10 WM (4 x 4) 1,500 kg (3,300 lb) light truck series - Officially the VM 90 is the square body military version of the Daily and includes an armored variant. ^ Iveco Daily celebrates 40 years of success.

Why choose Iveco Daily for Your Driver PAL?

With Dailys vocal IVECO DRIVER PAL, you can interact seamlessly and vocally with your vehicle, enjoying a safe and stress-free driving experience. Tailor-made Connectivity. IVECO Dailys Connectivity continues to evolve, always providing more personalised services tailored to your use of the vehicle and your requirements.

Whats new at new Iveco?

IVECO launches new 2021 Daily New IVECO Daily Euro 6 hits the Aussie market with added safety, comfort and power, plus reduced emissions from Euro 6 engines

How many times has Iveco won the van of the year?

Since 1978 TOGETHER, ON THE ROAD TO SUCCESS IVECO Daily has put its reliability at the service of your business. A success recognized three times with the Van of the year award. Discover the models that have made the history of the Daily

What are the problems with the Iveco Daily?

An ongoing problem with the Daily – as it is with all highly-electronic 4x4s – is diagnosis of issues in the bush. Unfortunately, Iveco country dealers are heavy-truck oriented and not so familiar with the Daily innards. Like all common-rail diesel engines the Daily engine needs perfectly clean fuel and any contamination can cause major problems.

Is the Iveco Daily 4x4 a good off-roader?

Truck people know Iveco well, but the average 4WD enthusiast might not. This Turin-based truck arm of Fiat was the result of amalgamation of several European truck makers in 1975 and has no tie-up with Fiat-Chrysler, other than product sharing of some diesel engines. The Iveco Daily 4x4 is an effective off-roader.

What are the Iveco Daily dimensions?

One of the key Iveco Daily Dimensions start with the three wheelbases from 3000mm, 3520mm to 4100mm and these allow the Daily to accommodate five load lengths with one in excess of an astonishing 5 metres. This means you can actually fit two sets of 8×4 sheets lengths, all the load lengths below: 2610mm 3130mm

What makes the Iveco Daily so special?

This engineering solution comes from Iveco ’s background as a truck manufacturer. The advantages are strength and toughness – the Daily is available with gross vehicle weight (GVW) ratings up to 7.2 tonnes, far in excess of any other large van. In fact, in this guise, its closest competitors are light trucks.

How many wheelbase does an Iveco van have?

The Iveco Daily van offers three wheelbase options, five bodylengths and three roof heights. Take the Daily to the max, and as much as 19.6 cubic metres of load volume is available, more than any other standard panel van on the market.

Which Iveco van is the most versatile?

The IVECO Daily Euro 6 is the most versatile commercial vehicle with the widest line-up in the industry with 8,000 factory versions to choose from. The Daily is the only van that ranges from 3.3 right up to 7 tonnes of gross vehicle weight, and from 7.3 m³ up to 19.6 m³ cargo volumes.

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