Aston martin amb 001

aston martin amb 001

What is the Aston Martin Amb 001?

Strictly limited to just 100 examples, the track-only AMB 001 represents the union of iconic Aston Martin design and state-of-the-art Brough Superior engineering to create a piece of automotive art for the motorbike connoisseur.

What makes the AMB 001 so special?

The AMB 001 represents the first Brough Superior model to be presented with a turbo-charged engine. The powerful turbo gifts the rider with a motor that has an incredible response and huge torque over a wide range of RPM.

What is the Aston Martin wings logo made of?

Derived from the AMR supercars, the Aston Martin Wings logos are made from a thin laser cut metal sheet and included in the lacquer layers for a perfect finish. The recipient of your data is Brough Motorcycles Limited.

What kind of engine does the Aston Martin amb001 have?

The AMB 001 gets the Oxford-Tan saddle, and so does the matching handlebar grips. Following Kawasaki’s H2 superbikes, Aston makes justice to the AMB001 by giving it a turbocharged 997-cc V-twin engine prancing with 180 horses.

How much will the AMB 001 cost?

The AMB 001 is going to be a limited affair with only 100 units to have been commissioned to build and hand-assembled at the Brough Superior factory in Toulouse, France. Each of these [James-Bond-ish] machines will come with an eye-watering price tag of $120,000, and the first deliveries are set to begin by the end of 2020.

What makes the Mercedes Benz Amb 001 so special?

The turbo equipped on the AMB 001 is a low-inertia turbine blowing through an intercooler, making it void of any turbo-lag. The liquid-cooled mill comes with an extractible 6-speed gearbox, an APTC Clutch, and final drive by a short Morse chain and a gear train, a compact conception for precision and reliability.

What does the Aston Martin logo look like?

The modern emblem of the make is somewhat neutral: there are traditional wings and the name Aston Martin. The actual variant of Aston Martin logo is represented by a green rectangle on top of the white wings with the company’s name in capital letters. Aston Martin logo contains three tints: black, green and white.

What is the history of the Aston Martin wings badge?

The iconic wings badge has been synonymous with Aston Martin since 1927 when the original AM logo was completely reformulated, with the Aston Martin name immersed within a new wings motif. Over the course of the 20th century a variety of adjustments were made to the design as the wings incorporated contemporary cues from each era.

What is the history of the Aston Martin Company?

The Aston Martin name first emerged in 1914 when its founder, Lionel Martin completed a run at the Aston Hill Climb — an event held in Buckinghamshire, England. The first logo for the company looked nothing like the current logo.

Is Aston Martin a good brand?

The company has been a manufacturer of premium, powerful and hand-built cars for decades. Aston Martin has gained worldwide recognition for its excellent craftsmanship, innovation and attention to detail and is sometimes regarded as one of the world’s premier motoring brands.

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