What is Gaudi?

GAUDI​​​ GAUDI es una solución tecnológica de acceso electrónico que permite realizar una serie de funcionalidades con su tarjeta de firma digital, tales como firmar y validar documentos y la autenticación de los suscriptores. Le ofrece una serie de funcionalidades que le permiten autenticarse y realizar firmas.

What was Gaudí’s Casa Milà?

Otro de los mayores encargos y una de las obras más elogiadas de Gaudí será la Casa Milà, más conocida como La Pedrera (1906-1910), encargo de Pedro Milá y Camps. Gaudí concibió la casa alrededor de dos grandes patios de forma curvilínea, con una estructura de pilares de piedra, ladrillo y hierro colado, y entramados de jácenas de hierro.

What are the best books about Gaudí in Spanish?

Misceŀlània (in Catalan). Barcelona: Planeta. ISBN 978-84-08-04332-4. Martinell, Cèsar (1967). Gaudí, Su vida, su teoría, su obra (in Spanish). Barcelona: Colegio de Arquitectos de Cataluña y Baleares. Comisión de Cultura. Martinell, Cèsar (1975). Gaudí: his life, his theories, his work. Translated by Judith Rohrer.

When did Antoni Gaudí die?

Zerbst, Rainer (2002). Gaudí, 1852–1926: Antoni Gaudí i Cornet: a life devoted to architecture. Cologne, Germany: Taschen. ISBN 978-3-8228-2171-8.

What are some interesting facts about Antoni Gaudí?

11 Awesome Facts You Need To Know About Antoni Gaudí 1 He was a strict vegetarian. Gaudí was a vegetarian way before tempeh became the new tofu, but his motivations were less animal rights and more health-instigated. 2 Dalí loved Gaudí. ... 3 Picasso hated Gaudí. ...

Where does the name Gaudí come from?

One of his ancestors, Joan Gaudí, a hawker, moved to Catalonia in the 17th century; possible origins of Gaudís family name include Gaudy or Gaudin.

What is the style of Gaudí’s house?

Gaudí designed it as a reflection of Neo-Mudéjar architecture – a popular style that can be seen throughout Gaudí’s architecture, blending oriental and neoclassical design elements. You can also see some Islamic architecture influences in its façade and some of its rooms.

Was Gaudí beatified?

Gaudí was the subject of the 1984 documentary Antonio Gaudi . Due to Gaudís profoundly religious and ascetic lifestyle, the archbishop of Barcelona, Ricard Maria Carles proposed Gaudís beatification in 1998.

What are the best books about Antoni Gaudi?

Instead there’s a multitude of books about Antoni Gaudi architecture. If you are a lot into architecture and appreciate a scholar introduction to the master, you need to check out Antonio Gaudi: Master Architect. This book is written by Joan Bassegoda Nonell, one of the most renowned experts on Gaudi.

Why should you read a Gaudi book before you visit?

If you read a book on Gaudi that made you feel excitement, or curiosity, or wonder, you’ll feel somehow connected to Gaudi and the works that appear in the book. So when you visit them, the walls will evoke the stories that made you dream. And your visit will be more meaningful.

Should you research Antoni Gaudi’s architecture before coming to Barcelona?

And if there is one thing worth researching in advance before coming to Barcelona, that’s Gaudi’s architecture. If you dont know yet who Antoni Gaudi was and why you wouldnt be planning a trip to Barcelona if it wasnt for him, you can start by reading our blog posts about him. But youll soon want to go a bit more in depth.

What are the top 10 must read Spanish books?

10 Must Read Spanish Books. 1 1. Cien años de soledad. Author: Gabriel García Marquez Year: 1967 English Title: One Hundred Years of Solitude. This landmark novel by Colombian ... 2 2. La sombra del viento. 3 3. Rayuela. 4 4. Crónica de una muerte anunciada. 5 5. Las travesuras de la niña mala. More items

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