Alex hook ukraine

alex hook ukraine

What happened to Alex hook Ucrania?

Alex Hook Ucrania Died After The Russian Forces Invaded Ukraine. Alex Hook Ucrania died after the Russian forces invaded Ukraine. A series of videos from Ukraine have gone viral on the internet since the beginning of the Ukrainian-Russian conflict. On February 24, 2022, a video of a Ukrainian soldier and his daughter was uploaded on the internet.

Who is Alex hook the Ukrainian soldier on TikTok?

Who is Alex Hook, the Ukrainian Soldier? Alex Hook is a Ukrainian soldier who shares TikTok videos from the battlefield with his daughter to show her he was safe has confirmed he is still alive after there were several reports and rumours which suggested he had been killed.

Who is Alex hook?

Ukraine soldier Alex Hook has confirmed in a TikTok video that he’s alive after several reports had suggested he had been killed in fighting with Russian troops.

What did the Ukrainian soldier say in his YouTube video?

“I am alive and will continue to fight for Ukraine,” he told his followers in a six-second video, which has been viewed 1.3 million times. “Glory to Ukraine and glory to the heroes.”

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