Russia ukraine news

russia ukraine news

What is happening in eastern Ukraine?

Earlier this week, Vladimir Putin declared victory in the eastern Ukrainian region and told Russian troops to rest and “increase their combat capabilities”, a day after Ukrainian forces withdrew from their last remaining stronghold in the province.

Whats behind Ukraines long-range strikes against Russia?

Ukraines campaign to attack Russian supply lines and ammunition storage sites far behind the front lines continued this weekend, with Ukrainian officials reporting another long-range strike against Russian military positions in the southern region of Kherson.

Where is Russia’s attack on Ukraine?

Russia’s attack on Ukraine continues in the Donbas region. A local resident Volodymyr, 64, looks at as his house burning after a Russian military strike in Kostiantynivka. Photograph: Gleb Garanich/Reuters.

How can the UK help Ukraine fight against Russia?

British forces have begun training Ukrainian soldiers in a new programme to help in their fight against Russia. Defence secretary, Ben Wallace, visited the military camp in the north-west where up to 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers will arrive for specialist military training.

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