What are RECs and why are they important?

On a shared grid—whether the electricity comes from on-site or off-site resources—RECs are the instrument that electricity consumers must use to substantiate renewable electricity use claims.  The short video to the rightdescribes the importance and role of RECs in making green power possible for electricity consumers nationwide.

What is eastern Iowa REC?

Eastern Iowa REC supports the development of reliable and cost-effective renewable energy alternatives. We have extensive knowledge of renewable energy sources and practices. Learn more! If playback doesnt begin shortly, try restarting your device. An error occurred while retrieving sharing information. Please try again later.

What is the i-Rec standard?

energy purchasers. I-REC Standard is a non-profit organization that provides a robust attribute tracking standard for use around the world. This standard requires local stakeholders and government authorities to facilitate national implementation in adherence with local and national regulations.

How do I pay my Rec bill online?

Pay your bills quickly online using the Smart Hub bill payment option. Eastern Iowa REC members can access their account and pay their bill through SmartHub.

What are RECs and how do they work?

Essentially, a REC is a way to track - and lay claim to - not just the amount of renewable energy that is generated and sold, but also the positive environmental attributes associated with that energy. For every megawatt-hour (MWh) of renewable electricity generated and sold to the wholesale market, an associated REC is created.

What is a REC in a commercial building?

According to the ASTM E 1527-13, a REC is “the presence or likely presence of any hazardous substances or petroleum products in, on, or at a property.”

What happens to my RECs after they are issued?

After the RECs are issued, they can either be transferred to another entity’s account – for example a REC purchaser or aggregator. Or the RECs can be transferred to a retirement account, meaning the RECs have been used for a purpose and can no longer be transferred or used for another purpose.

What is an attestation of RECs?

Attestations are generally two or three page forms which identify the project, the REC seller and recipient, and the gross quantity of RECs being transferred. The attestations also include a list of statements that the transferor agrees to, for example that the transferor has not used or sold the RECs more than once.

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