Vodka grey goose

vodka grey goose

Does Grey Goose get you drunk fast?

It is a very strong liquor commonly having 40% alcohol by volume. This can get you really drunk fast. Originally from Russia, this drink is composed of water and ethanol and depending on its type it can also have some flavorings. Vodka is made by distilling fermented wheat and potatoes but modern variants are also fermented with fruits or sugar.

Does Grey Goose make Gin?

This unique spirit is vodka infused with real fruit and botanical essences. Explore our line of flavored vodka infused with the essence of only the finest ingredients. A limited-edition GREY GOOSE® Vodka bottle designed in celebration of the 2021 US Open Tennis Championships.

Is grey goose too expensive for its taste?

It is way too expensive for how it tastes and there are a lot of cheaper vodkas that blow it out of the water. Still, in many circles its still considered far cooler to drink Grey Goose, as opposed to, say, a glass of Sobieski.

Why is grey goose distilled in France?

Grey Goose is distilled in France—in Picardy—but not because of any specific regional interest. Vodka, remember, is all about stripping alcohol of most of its congeners and funky flavor compounds. You could do that pretty much anywhere.

GREY GOOSE Vodka can be enjoyed straight, with a mixer, or as part of a wide array of creative cocktails. Visit our Cocktails area for some great suggestions. Looking for lighter options? Check out the lighter side of cocktails . If you decide to drink GREY GOOSE straight, keep these vodka tasting notes in mind.

Can you drink Grey Goose straight?

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