Flix bus

flix bus

What is Flixbus?

FlixBus goal is to provide you a convenient, affordable and easy to use bus service. We always offer the best deals, plus a safe and pleasant travel experience. Low-cost tickets are just a few clicks away on our App or website.

How can I travel eco-friendly with Flixbus?

FlixBus is one of the most eco-friendly ways to travel. Learn more about our sustainability initiatives and carbon offset programs. Please note: your ticket will contain the most up-to-date address information. Bus will board at curbside bus pickup/drop-off area at Bayside Marketplace near the Torch of Friendship monument.

How do I buy a Flixbus ticket?

Buy your low cost bus tickets online, via our bus app, in one of our FlixBus stores or directly from the bus driver. Your ticket is your guarantee to a comfortable seat on board. Snacks & drinks are also available from our friendly bus drivers along with free Wi-Fi and plug sockets - on each one of our buses!

Can I travel from a to B with Flixbus?

No problem at all! Well take you from A to B at an unbeatable price. With our bus journeys you can choose from France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia and many more countries! Not to mention Sweden, Denmark, Luxembourg, Slovenia and Austria – FlixBus provides the travel you want, when you want it!

Where does Flixbus travel?

Our route network is constantly expanding and FlixBus now travels to many of Europe’s most popular cities. FlixBus offers a low-cost alternative to train, plane, and ferry travel.

What is FlixTrain and Flixbus?

In 2018, they introduced FlixTrain, which enables inter-city travel via train. In that same year, the FlixBus service launched in the US to expand the brand past Europe. As previously eluded, FlixBus offers the ability to book inter-city travels via bus or train.

What is Flixbus’s business model?

To finance the cost of its operation, FlixBus implemented a revenue-sharing business model. That means that the company shares the revenue from every booking with the partner who executed the ride. In the case of FlixBus, they keep 25 to 30 percent of the booking price. The rest goes to the train or bus operator.

Why FLiXBUS is the best Bus Company in Europe?

Flixbus is one of the most popular, easily recognizable and established bus companies in Europe and USA that offers intercity bus service. And I believe that they provide the best option for bus transport around the continent. The buses are clean and they usually arrive and depart on time.

Where can I book Flixbus tickets?

You can not only book tickets on our website, but also via our FlixBus App or at our FlixShops and official ticket resellers. Need to change or cancel your trip?

How can I book a ticket?

There are various ways to book your ticket easily. You can not only book tickets on our website, but also via our FlixBus App or at our FlixShops and official ticket resellers.

How do I redeem a Facebook voucher on Flixbus?

(The voucher code is also sent to you by email and saved for later on Facebook) Copy the voucher code from the Facebook offer. Open the free FlixBus app, search for your ride (s) and place your ticket (s) in the basket.

How do I purchase a bus ticket?

You can purchase you ticket directly with the bus driver*, with no extra fees included. The receipt of payment serves as your ticket. *On-board purchasing is NOT available in the United States. No matter which platform you used to book your ticket, you can always cancel or change your booking.

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