What is Como Como?

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What is Lake Como known for?

Lake Como, also known as Lario, is the third largest of the Italian lakes and, with a maximum depth of approximately 410 meters (448 yards), is also one of the deepest lakes in Europe. Its characteristic shape, reminiscent of an inverted Y, results from the melting of glaciers combined with the erosive action of the ancient Adda river.

How deep is Lake Como in Italy?

Lake Como, also known as Lario, is the third largest of the Italian lakes (after Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore). With a maximum depth of approximately 410 meters (448 yards), Lake Como is one of the deepest lakes in Europe.

What is the difference between Como and Lake Garda?

While the city of Como is referred to as Como, the lake is never referred to solely by this name. This is not true of another lake in Italy, Lake Garda, where Garda may refer to either the town fronting the lake, or the lake.

What is the difference between Como vs Cómo?

Lets look at como vs cómo. Cómo is used in both direct and indirect exclamatory and interrogative sentences, it is generally translated as how. ¿Cómo tomas el té?

Where is Como located?

Located on the Italian-Swiss border, the city of Como in Italy overlooks the southwest end of its lake and is surrounded by green ridge hills, resulting in unparalleled, natural scenery.

What does ¿Cómo Estas?

Hola, ¿cómo estás? Hola, ¿cómo estás? Hello, how are you? Hola, ¿cómo estás? ( a. Hello, how are you? Hola, ¿cómo estás? - Estoy bien, ¿y tú?Hello, how are you? - Im fine, and you? b.

Is there a correct way to conjugate Comer and Cómo?

yeah, that would be confusing, and yes the question makes no sense whatsoever, but that aside, as long as you use correct pronunciation of the words, there should be no problem. Plus, the conjugation of the verb comer that is almost the same as the question word cómo is the yo form, so there should be no confusion anyway.

The entire perimeter of Lake Como is studded with charming villages and towns. The most popular destinations are definitely Bellagio, Varenna and the city that gives its name to the lake, Como . So, what is the best town to stay in Lake Como?

What is the average temperature in Lake Como Italy?

Lake Como, Italy: Annual Weather Averages. July is the hottest month in Lake Como with an average temperature of 22°C (72°F) and the coldest is January at 4°C (39°F) with the most daily sunshine hours at 9 in July. The wettest month is June with an average of 134mm of rain ..

What is the weather like in Lake Como Italy?

The entirety of the Lake Como region is famed for its Mediterranean conditions; summers are long and warm without getting excruciatingly hot while winters are mild and never bitterly cold. Rainfall is moderate, but helps to keep the scenery lush and green and any grey skies often clear away quickly.

Is Lake Como in northern Italy?

Welcome to Como Lake Como, dedicated to all things beautiful in Lake Como, concentrating on the historic provincial capital, Como and the western arm of the Lake in the Lombardy (Lombardia) region of Northern Italy. You will find information on public transport services, historical attractions and cultural and social events that take place in Como and the Province of Como throughout the year.

What is the deepest lake in Italy?

Lake Como is deepest lake in Italy with a maximum depth of 425 meters. Located in Lombardy, it spans a surface of 146 km 2 and holds a water volume of 22.5 km 3. Lake Como is a popular tourist destination, well known for its landscapes, wildlife, and spas.. Compare Lake Como with Hornindalsvatnet Lake - Norways deepest lake. Photo of the small town of Menaggio, as seen from Lake Como.

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